Zeelous | Gems exploiter

dear admins! I’ve got a problem. I played your game and at one point they gave me a ban. I don’t understand the reason. You can remove the ban and explain the reason, please forgive me if I did something in the game that was not according to the rules, I did not know. I would like to continue playing your great game. Thank you

Nick: Zeelous

Hi Zeelous, ill take the time to reply to you on this one. You are part of a selected group of players who have exploited a bug and have “purchased” thousands of gems without actually paying a dime for it.

In your case, there was a point where you had more than 20k gems in your account.

I have taken the pleasure to take away those gems and banned your account. I have also taken all gems from guilds that exploited this bug and fixed the issue.

In a parallel world, you would have reached out to me to report this issue and I would have given you thousands of gems to enjoy plus many other perks, but instead, you decided to exploit it.

I hope that answers your questions Acc id:758089


i wanna report this but i cant message you in discord

you no add back my discord,I’m afraid that if I report it on the forum later, many people will use this bug

You could have sent me a PM here any day

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See this

How to send message in this

You were able to make post about your ban but couldn’t reach alkanov about the bug? You just reached him. Also you know very well that you did not have to write the details of the bug with public post.


I want to report it via discord

I have a bug but only will report it on Onlyfans, Alkanov last warning to make it.

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1 day after I found this bug I wanted to report it immediately, but I don’t know how and I want to contact alkanov

I mean you joined discord on the 6th and didnt say a word. You also found this forum pretty fast upon being banned. You obviously had access and knew about Discord and the Forum but failed to utilize them.

Alk is not going to add you on discord you can PM here on the forum like he stated above. Also he is away right now so will be awhile before there is a response.

If I post it on the forum, I think there will be a lot of people looking for bugs

You using Bug TopUp in Game?

yap bro🙂, and now i wanna fix this problem to admin

You could have started a topic as soon as you discovered the bug, without saying how to do it or anything, you just had to report that there was a bug with the gems and the administration would contact you bro.

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Hello, I had that problem with the gems, once I bought 500 gems by mistake, I wanted to buy the 1k gems package.And I asked for a refund and I sent an email explaining this and they did not respond to me