Wizard Skills Revamp

Just a couple things I’d like to speak on. Lava Barrier, this is basically a lava rectangle. I think that the wizard community would enjoy these skills more if the following are added. I recommend the barrier starting small and expanding outwards at all directions at a decent speed and the area which you stand on should prolly be covered in lava as well, just so it isn’t a big lava circle/square/rectangle with a hole in the center. Feel free to max the range on the lava barrier :wink: Ice Spear, it seems to be a small purple circle with good damage and not at all an actual spear. I believe the Ice Spear deserves at least a portion of the love that the snipe skill from the hunter has (speaking on the fact that it looks like an arrow). Also, would be nice if Ice Spear explodes on impact freezing/slowing surrounding enemies.


uh you know there is already a planned rework on skills…I think it is done…just need time to update

It’s a balance update. Skills are being reworked and tweaked on dmg/cd/ct but I don’t believe any visual improvements are being made yet atm.