Will there be an equipment upgrade, a new set (lvl 100)?

I would like to know if there will be any equipment updates or if it was just speculation.

in update1.5 yes…

When will this happen?

It will be released when it’s ready.

Wow … clarified a lot my question huh

I just wanted to know if you had an exact date for 1.5

There is no exact date. I am working on it on my free time and whenever it is finished it will be tested on Testland servers and then released

Regarding the updating of items lvl 100, at the moment many players dedicate a lot of effort to get the necessary items and improve them … I hope and trust that we will be rewardingly gratified by this great change that is going to be made … Or perform a general reset, for everyone to have the same conditions …
I’m a pretty old MORPG player, and I’ve experienced this kind of change in other games!
Greetings and thank you for putting the best of you in this project!

Its not a “change” its an expansion

Im sure you know what happens with old sets when a new one with a greater level/stats comes out :laughing:

There will be few new mechanics so you can take some of the time invested on your current set and move it to the new one.

… why? This won’t happen… ever…

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Each game has its own different procedure!
and not everyone applies it the same!
It is good to know that the improvements and properties of the previous set can be transferred to the new one!

if we need help in the game or the forum! I am at your disposal!

Tnx! For all

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