[Wiki] Upgrade System & Jewels

Upgrade System

Upgrading can be done with the use of upgrade jewels that are dropped from defeated monsters.
For upgrading an item you must go to Laurum Harbour city and use the Upgrade Master NPC. Upgrades can be done to items in general (All kind of armors, weapons training stones and potions). For each upgrade you will receive a bonus in your stats.
Right now the max level you can achieve is +500. If you want to see the stat’s gain progression for each level see Upgraded Items Statistics Calculator

There are different types of jewels that their use could be mixed between them:

Normal Upgrade Jewel

Dropped for normal mobs, you have higher chance by killing 90+ mobs like Fire Skeleton, Fire Lich, Observer, Death Watch, Ice Skeleton, Ice Lich

  • Upgrade Jewel A - Used to upgrade common and uncommon gear up to rare (+15)
  • Upgrade Jewel B - Used to upgrade rare gear (+15) up to epic (+50)
  • Upgrade Jewel C - Used to upgrade epic gear (+50) up to legendary (+200)
  • Upgrade Jewel D - Used to upgrade legendary gear up to maximum (+500)

Using normal upgrade jewels for a +500 items you will need 15A, 35B, 150C and 300D (500 jewels in total)

Corrupted Upgrade Jewel

Dropped in Devil Square or from Bosses.
It has 50% chance to success (upgrade) or fail (downgrade).

  • Corrupted Upgrade Jewel A (±3)
  • Corrupted Upgrade Jewel B (±5)
  • Corrupted Upgrade Jewel C (±10
  • Corrupted Upgrade Jewel D (±15)

Failsafe Upgrade Jewel

Only obtainable in special events by killing mobs and getting and trading Silver Tickets in Event’s screen.
They have 50% chance to success or fail. Instead of corrupted jewels If it fails nothing will happen.

  • Failsafe Upgrade Jewel A (+3)
  • Failsafe Upgrade Jewel B (+5)
  • Failsafe Upgrade Jewel C (+10
  • Failsafe Upgrade Jewel D (+15)

Perfect Upgrade Jewel

Only obtainable in special events by killing mobs and getting and trading Golden Tickets in Event’s screen.
It has 100% chance to success.

  • Perfect Upgrade Jewel A (+6)
  • Perfect Upgrade Jewel B (+10)
  • Perfect Upgrade Jewel C (+20)
  • Perfect Upgrade Jewel D (+30)


  • The easiest way to find the correct upgrade jewel is to match the jewel color to the equipment background color
  • Using a corrupted upgrade jewel A on 0 level equipment eliminates the risk of reversion as a piece of equipment can’t have a negative level.
  • Be careful when using a corrupted upgrade jewels near levels 15, 50, and 200. It is possible to revert to previous color (rarity).