[Wiki] Stat Training

Stat Training

In Laurum, not only can you upgrade your stats by using Level Points (LP) and Rebirth Points (RP), but also by training your stats.

Equip a Training Stone (see [Wiki] Training Stones) to start training stats.

NOTE: While equipped you will not gain normal level EXP (experience). All of your EXP will go towards your stats based on the stone you equipped. This includes quest EXP.

If you equip a level 0 Stone of Deneb, this stone will train 10% INT (Intelligence). This means that when you kill a monster that would normally give you 500 EXP, you will instead earn 50 EXP towards INT:
500 EXP x 0.10 = 50 INT EXP

To see your progress go to Menu > Character >Stat Training.

Stat training increases in level the same way as your character. When the EXP bar is full, the stat increases to the next level. Each level provides a 0.3% bonus to the stat.

When INT training has reached level 100 it will provide a 30% bonus to INT
LVL 100 x 0.3% = 30%

Stat training only applies to your Base Level Stats which is the sum of both LP and RP that you assign to the stat (plus the 1 that you start with). It does not apply to stats added from equipment.

If you have 100 LP and 19 RP assigned to INT, then you would have a base INT of 120 (Remember that all stats start with 1 point). If you also have INT training at 30% (LVL 100), then your adjusted INT will be 156.
100 LP + 19 RP + 1 starting point = 120 INT
120 INT x 0.30 Training = 36 bonus INT
120 INT + 36 bonus INT = 156 adjusted INT

Bonus stats from gear are applied after the training bonus is calculated and are not affected by training.

If you have a base INT of 120, a training bonus of 30%, and equipment that provides 30 INT, then your final INT will be 186.
120 INT x 0.30 Training = 36 bonus INT
120 INT + 36 bonus INT = 156 adjusted INT
156 adjusted INT + 30 equipment INT = 186 final INT


  • Rebirthing (RB) will initially increase your stats faster than training. It is recommended to wait until you have several RBs before training stats. (5-8 recommended)
  • Upgrading your Training Stones will increase the amount of EXP you earn with them.
  • Equipment with EXP bonuses will also increase the amount of EXP earned by using Training Stones.
  • Your stat training doesn’t reset while rebirthing.
  • Exp gained from quests applies to stat training.
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19 RP isn’t typical, but it’s correct for the example. All stats start with 1. If it was 100LP and 20RP, you would actually have 121 as your base. I set it to 19 to make the math easier

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You’re right, my bad. Thanks!