[Wiki] Skill Books

Skill Books

Unlike other rpgs where you learn skills as you level up, here you'll have to look for them. You either buy them, or farm for them.

Every class has 15 unique skills, which divide into two groups: primary and secondary. You can buy 2 of each of these groups from the Skill Set Vendor (Dimki) in Laurum Harbor.

Damage Multiplier aplies to your STR Damage (Pdmg) for Warriors and Hunters, or INT Damage (Mdmg) for Paladins and Wizards. Not to be confused with INT and STR stats.

How does the mana consumed by skills being calculated?
It’s calculated by the given formula:
Base mana (What chart says) + Your current level / 5
That means if a skill costs 25 mana and you are lvl 60 it will be:
25 + 60 / 5 = 37 mana usage.





Boss Skills

These Skills are the skills that bosses use during battle in order to make the battle tougher

Skill Name Effect Boss Used By
Multi Axe 4 to 8 axes are launched out of the boss. They inflict bleed status. Alainon The Bane
Mass Confusion Reverses the player controls Alainon The Bane
Enraged Alainon The Bane,

Abelot the Keeper

Fireball A randomly moving fireball comes out of the boss inflicting burn status onto players who touch it Abelot the Keeper
Reflecting Reflects back all damage the player does to the boss. Abelot the Keeper
Absorbing HP Heals HP for the amount of damage the player is doing Abelot the Keeper

Notes (Hidden effects):

  • Dodge and regen reduction by DOT skills: When you are under the effect of any DOT skill (poison, bleed, burn) your dodge is reduced by 10% and your HP/MP regeneration time becomes 50% slower. For example if your dodge was 50% it will become 40% while the effect lasts. If you got 5 seconds for HP/MP regeneration it will become 7.5 seconds.
    If you are burned and poisoned it will stack to 20% penalization.

  • Camouflage effect is removed if you hit a trap (any hunter trap or lava barrier from wizard). Also if you got attacked by any AoE or you are under the effect of any DOT skill your position will be shown every time you receive damage.