[Wiki] Rebirth System

Rebirth System

Laurum Online allows players to rebirth once they reach a certain level threshold. Rebirth resets the player back to level 1 at the cost of gold; where they gain 10 rebirth points (RP) and between 100-220 gems. RP can be used to increase a players stats and make them stronger. Your Level Points (LP) will reset after rebirth but you get to keep your previous RP, stat training and your whole equipment (bank, skills and inventory).

A player can perform a rebirth after he reaches lvl 150 or more. When you reach that level go to Menu > Account > Rebirth.

Notes: For example a player with 10 RB will have 100 RP (100 extra stat points) so at lvl 1 will have one of their stats in level 100 (same as a level 100 player with 0 rebirths)