[Wiki] PvP and Karma System

PvP and Karma System

In Laurum Online there is open PvP and Arena PvP. Open PvP takes place in areas that are Level 20+ whereas arena PvP only takes place in designated arena’s. In open PvP you gain negative karma for killing people with green names and positive karma for killing people who have an orange or red name.


Players who kill innocent players will gain negative karma. The more people they kill, the more negative karma they will gain. This takes the player through three stages.

Note: When a player becomes 3rd stage PK it will be announced on the #system channel with coordinates. Players who are PK will receive penalties depending on their pk stage: [Wiki] Death and Karma Penalties

The Karma System is designed to determine morality in players in Laurum Online. All users begin with 0 Karma, and their username appears green in-game. To change your Karma, a user must engage in Player-vs-Player (PvP) combat within designated PvP areas throughout the world map.

Karma and Username Colours

Players that kill another player will see their Karma turn negative (-), and their username will change from green to orange. Continuous killing of other players further drops your Karma. The players with a high number of player kills (PKs) will eventually have their username turned to red.

To raise your Karma, a user can act heroically and kill a character with a red username. This will raise your Karma into the positive (+), and change your username to the colour blue.

Karma Axe

In designated PvP areas throughout the world map, an icon featuring an axe with a skull face will appear on the upper righthand side of the screen to let players know that they are entering a PvP active area. The axe can be selected by users to determine how they want to participate in these areas. Areas that do not feature the Karma Axe are not valid PvP locations.

The blue skull allows players to target only users with blue or red usernames (those with increasingly negative or positive Karma). This ensures that neutral players (players with green or orange usernames) cannot be targeted during a PvP attack. Users within you Party are safe from your PvP attacks, but can gain negative or postive Karma from your actions.

The red skull allows players to attack any user. You can attempt to kill any player with any colour username, whether it be green, blue, orange, or red. Non-Player Characters (NPCs) cannot be targeted. Users within you Party are safe from your PvP attacks, but can gain negative or postive Karma from your actions.

The white skull prevents a player from attacking anybody that is not a monstrous creature. However, this does not protect the user from being attack by other players.

Karma Titles

It is possible to gain certain titles based on the amount of positive or negative Karma you have developed.

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