[Wiki] Pets and Companions


Pets and Companions are small creatures that can be used to assist you on your journey in many ways. While only available for gems at the moment there will be ones available for gold at a later date

Currently Available

Premium Pets

Pet Name Effect Species Price sprite
Eang Remote Bank Goblin 949 Gems
Golha Remote Bank Unknown 949 Gems
Welgac Potion Refiller Dwarf 949 Gems
Medulli Potion Refiller Unknown 949 Gems
Tordur Remote Shop Medusa Type Thingy 949 Gems
Kellpoor Remote Shop Frog 949 Gems
Xorag Remote Devil Square Goblin 949 Gems
Poryno Remote Devil Square Phantom 949 Gems
Dourur Remote Broker Centaur 949 Gems
Oatorog Remote Broker Octopus 949 Gems
Talon Teleport Hub Eagle 949 Gems
Drieclops Teleport Hub Unknown 949 Gems
Rust Pocket Quest Unknown 949 Gems
Noadorm Pocket Quest Scorpion 949 Gems
Randolf Auto Loot Wolf 949 Gems
Greecos Auto Loot Spider 949 Gems

Non-Premium Pets

There are currently no Non-Premium Pets in Laurum

Event Only/Limited Edition Pets

These Pets were only able to be obtained at special events and can be the rarest pet type in game.

Pet Name Effect Species Sprite
Bank Minion Remote Bank Goblin (Blue)


  • Bank Minion was previously the only obtainable pet. It was obtained through a limited event. While previously Green it now retains a Blue colour differing it from Eang.