[Wiki] Party System

Party System

In Laurum you can join or create a party. Benefits of being in a party includes: 10% Experience (XP) bonus and faster kills.

No matter where you are you can still benefit from the 10% xp bonus. i.e party member is in town while you are killing monsters. You can obtain xp from monsters up to 20 levels(lvls) higher than your current lvl. I.e if you are lvl 80 you can get xp from lvl 100 monsters but not from 101.


The drops from mobs like materials will be shared between all the party. The items will be reserved and protected for 10 seconds to the player who did the most damage; the gold will be split up between whole party.


  • To create a party, directly tap on player and tap party invite or you can use chat command “/invite player name” i.e /invite Alkanov.
  • To leave a party you can use chat command “/leave”.
  • To remove a player from party use chat command “/kick player name” i.e /kick Alkanov.
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