[Wiki] Monster Information & Materials

Monsters are the enemies in Laurum Online. To defeat the monsters you just simply need to tap on them to initiate an attack, then after a few hits the monster should die.

Monster Types

In Laurum Online there are 5 different monster type, this includes as follows

[E] Elite Monsters- Monsters with Higher HP, Power and exp reward than normal monsters. Appear with an orange name.
[R] Ranged Monsters- Monsters that can attack you from a distance. For example:- Red Wizard Lv 35
[P] Physical- Monster does Physical Damage. Exclusive to Boss Monster Alainon the Bane.
[M] Magical- Monster does Magical Damage. Exclusive to Boss Monster Abelot the Keeper.
[S] Special- Monsters that only appear during an event. For example:- [S] Wild Goblin Lv 1

Some of these may be subject to change.

Monster List

Below is a list of all monsters in the game.

Monster Name Type Level Materials Sprite
Slime Physical 1 Slime Core, Mysterious Liquid
Worm Ranged 1 Dirt, Worm
Bee Physical 3 Stinger, Honey
Snake Physical 6 Venom, Snake Egg
Spider Ranged 8 Silk Web, Venom
Bat Ranged 10 Fruit, Bat Blood
Blue Mush Ranged 12 Blue Shroom, Blue Spore
Red Mush Physical 15 Red Shroom, Red Spore
Zombie Physical 18 Zombie Blood, Brain
Ghost Physical 22 Mysterious Flyer, Ectoplasm
Lost Soul Physical 25 Soul, Dark Ectoplasm
Octopus Physical 27 Seaweed, Tentacles
Water Element Ranged 30 Water Stone, Sacred Water
Water Wizard Ranged 33 Crystal Ball, Blue Staff
Fire Wizards Physical 35 Red Wizard Banner, Red Staff
Hellface Ranged 37 Wind Stone, Shrunken Skull
Soulmask Physical 40 Bone Necklace, Ritual Mask
Phasemask Ranged 45 Rune, Green Mushroom
Soultalon Physical 50 Heart Stone, Ring of Protection
Treant Ranged 55 Mahogany Wood, Leaf
Golem Physical 60 Black Walnut Wood, Autumn Leaf
Scorpion Ranged 65 Scorpion Tail, Scorpion
Sandguard Physical 70 Earthstone, Enchanted Sand
Skeleton Ranged 75 Dusty Tome, Gold Tooth
Skeleton Chief Physical 80 Ancient Axe, Golden Horn
Fire Lich Ranged 85 Fire Bracelet, Fire Orb
Fire Skeleton Physical 90 Fire Stone, Charred Bone
Death Watch Ranged 95 Magic Eyeball, Magic Leather
Observer Physical 100 Eyeball, Leather
Ice Lich Ranged 105 Ice Bracelet, Regal Crown
Ice Skeleton Physical 110 Purple Cape, Heart of Ice Skeleton

Changes will be added if made

Boss Monsters

Boss Name Type Level Materials Sprite
Alainon the Bane Ranged 95 Fire Shards, Hellfire Core
Abelot the Keeper Ranged 95 The Holy Coin, The Demon Coin

Special Monsters

Monster Name Level Sprite
[S] Wild Goblin 1

Former Monsters

Monster Name Level Type
Skelator 4 Ranged
Skelator 6 Normal
Rafflesia 10 Ranged
Cactpine 13 Ranged
Cactor 15 Normal
Wizard 27 Ranged
Wild Boar 33 Normal
Raptogreen 35 Normal
Redasaurus 37 Normal
Deadman 52 Normal
Wolf 55 Normal
Ice Lich 57 Ranged
Bonehag 64 Ranged
Skeleton Warrior 67 Normal

Player Titles

Some player titles can be obtained from killing monsters, They are as follows:-

  • Monster Hunter - Kill 10,000 Monsters

  • Exterminator - Kill 50,000 Monsters

  • Boss Hunter - Kill a Boss 50 times


  • Many Monsters were removed in the recent ‘Rynthia Update’
  • Many monsters once had the same name, the shaman group (Soultalon, Hellface, Phasemask, Soulmask) used to all have the same name, Shaman.
  • All the elite monsters had the same names as their normal counterparts before the rebalanced classes were introduced.
  • Deadman, once called Skeletor, was once the top level monster coming in at Level 62. This shows a 10 level change between now and then.
  • For a long time after the new area update the elite monsters [E] Fire Skeleton and [E][R] Fire Lich were the top level monsters before the Lich Master level was changed.
  • The Lich Master was once the only boss before the map update in which he was removed from the game and replaced with two more powerful bosses.
  • [S] Wild Goblin is the only monster that has had items dropped straight into a players inventory rather than it being dropped onto the floor.
  • [E] Fire Skeleton and [E][R] Fire Lich are the only two elite monsters to be featured in a quest.
  • Monsters did not drop potions before the rebalanced classes were introduced.
  • Ranged and Elite Monsters did not exist before October 24th.
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