[Wiki] Guild System

Guild System

Guilds are organized groups within Laurum Online for players to keep in touch and gather together. A guild can be created by visiting Alkanov, the Guild Master, in Laurum Harbor. Those who wish to make their own guild must be at least level 50, and pay 100,000 gold in in-game currency.

When making a guild, the user must assign a name and Tag to it. The guild Tag is a three letter abbreviation of the guild’s name that the user can decide themselves. The Tag will appear in brackets (example: [TAG] ) before a user’s player name when they become a part of a guild. This Tag identifies the player as being a part of said guild to other players in the game.

Participation in activities, such as completing quests, can raise the activity score of the guild, which can be seen on the official Guild Leaderboards.

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