Why do you play Laurum Online?

As the release of the game approaches, I making a topic where we, the beta community, can tell the devs why do we play their game and not another.
To give devs and idea what makes their game great, and what it doesnt, I want that everybody be sincere with their feedback.
So, as being the guy who started the topic, I’ll start.

  • What I like:
    The control scheme
    Ingame gear drops and different pathways to build a character
    The graphics
    No pay to win scheme
    The interest of developers hearing our voice

  • What I dont like:
    The lack of content between 100-150 levels
    The time taken to train stats
    Low playerbase
    Difficulty to buy items

The other things I haven’t mentioned is because is neither good nor bad. They are ok, for me.

P.S. their is no argue in this topic, everybody is free to say their opinion.

  • What I like:
    The graphics in general, remember me to some old rpg that I played long time ago.
    For being a mobile game is very complete.
    Entertaining and addicting.
    The controls are good.
    PC Version.
    Lot of possibilities to do things like PvP, DS, Upgrade items, Farm for items, Kill bosses, etc.
    Good variety of skills and stats.
    No pay to win.
    The interest of developers hearing our voice.
    No hacks/exploits and if someone do something that is not correct gets banned.

  • What I dont like:
    The lack of content between 110-150
    Could be more bosses
    Could be more maps
    Could be 2 more classes
    The balance should be worked in a few things
    Could have more active players so PvP or GvG would be more entertaining.
    Difficulty to buy items (Due to lack of balance maybe because everyone looks for same builds to buy and sell)
    I think that we should have a limit in stat training and rebirth, we have a limit in upgrade, so for balancing things we must have a limit in stats and rebirth also, like 25 rb and 1000 stat training, but is only my opinion there…


Based on the time I have been playing the game improved a lot and this is nice, so I have hope that the balance will be worked, will be more maps and bosses, and things that now are a problem will be solved in the correct time with the help of the community, as we did with upgrade system and quests.

So I am seeing a good future if we go with the same steps as the two recent updates.

I usually get bored of games and almost were not playing any of them, but this enchanted me and is the only game I play and I got involved with the staff to improve things so this is great news because I have been playing for a lot of months and for me is a lot…


What I like:
The Open Map, plenty of places to go and explore.
The Graphics
Controls are easy to understand
Playing the game can be fun especially with other people
Parts of the community
No P2W
You have to do stuff to level up.
You can play at your own pace
Quests, may be bias because I wrote some.
Upgradable Items with modifiers

What I don’t like:

The hardcore players wanting the game to be militaristicly hard
Lack of Secrets to find around the open map
Lack of reason to explore off the main grinding pathways.
Lack of stuff to do other than grinding and Devil’s Square.
The Lv 110-150 stage of the game
Lack of reason to PvP
Uninteresting In game Events. This happens especially around yearly events such as Christmas and Halloween where there very easily could be something like an event specific boss or special themed item. But instead we get either double gold or double exp which is nice and all but can get old when used for every event.
(Good example of an event was the Goblin Event)
Lack of reason to follow social media’s
The fact that if someone is giving genuine feedback on a feature and the community doesn’t agree they immediately get disregarded as a crying salty nub.

Its pretty solid. Fun and addictive. Would like a bit more to do in game as I only tend to play when I get the urge to. Would love to see more come to the game like Day-night cycle and weather to add more ambience and more secrets and stuff to do around the world.

Recommend to anyone who is breathing. Been here longer than most people here and I have seen it change from AOO to LO. Can say from experience that you should play the game.


Ill address few of these and will focus on the stuff you guys don’t like/agree with:

These were the 3 common ones across your posts:

The lack of content between 100-150 levels
While developing this game I found out the best way of doing things is to create frameworks and then expand them to add more items, more quests, more mods, more enchantments, more skins, more pets, more more more… The same happens with our maps and enemies but with a couple of caveats:

  1. We found out that the way we did our maps sucks, it sucks big time… from the technical point of view. Currently, we are rendering 7 layers per map, each layer is 8000x8000 tiles and each tile is 32x32. This is a performance hog and the reason why your mobile nearly auto combust when playing over 30 mins. Quick math would put us on 64,000,000 million tiles to be rendered… MULTIPLIED BY 7 (each layer)!
  2. All maps are always loaded, if you are on a small potion shop, all our maps are there in your memory… now imagine the above, per map…
  3. What If we would have kept adding maps and enemies back when we had 1 skill per class and level 30 cap? We would have ended up with 20+ more areas than we have now, which means the above issue multiplied by X… which translates into time and money when it comes to fixing them. In short, I don’t like spending time on systems we don’t have the scalability part nailed down.

Taking the above into account I decided to halt map development until we got the time to do it right, but this also meant learning how to do it right. After hours of asking and reading, I can say now I feel confident to develop/rework maps but it still requires time and a lot of it.

To me, the right time to add maps would be once we get all our attractions done, so we can then focus on repeating the same process every X months. New maps, new enemies, new items… new enchantments, new mods, balance… New maps, new enemies, new items… and repeat…

Could have more active players
This one is tough. I think every developer wants their game to have 1000 players online all the time right? Whether that happens or not is a different story.

Overall I think LO is way too difficult for a mobile game. We might have taken the wrong path somewhere between Rebirths, the “no cap” madness, when we added joystick/d-pad instead of keeping it to a simple tap to walk game (tap on a mobile game? how weird that was right???) and the “no AFK” rule to a point where casual players lose interest after few minutes or hours.

Honestly, I’m not sure what are the numbers on other games out there similar to LO, but I think the above + the fact that players usually don’t invest huge amounts of time on Early Access games + almost no one downloads a game that has no reviews + most people don’t know about our “no wipe” promise = a good formula for not investing more than 1h on a game… I guess we will see what happens after release

Just to add numbers here: We had 350 new players during the weekend and a peak of 68 players online

Difficulty to buy items
I don’t understand this part here… Is it difficult o find the item you like or difficult to deal with people? Or is it difficult because the broker is not working? or… whats the difficult part here?

Seeing this post became a monster I’ll post what I like and one like on a different one…


What I like:
-No P2W
-Rebirth and training system(the more i play, the stronger i’am)
-PC Version
-New upgrade system

What I dont like:
-The lack of content between 110-150
-Only 2 boss :confused:
-Difficulty to buy items*
-Maybe some new class?

*-Some players want “dodge”
Some players want “item drop”
But everybody wants items with “exp” so getting them is very difficult.
Or maybe they give too much?


O que eu gosto

  • O gráfico do jogo;

  • Sem p2w

  • Rb

  • No AFK

  • A mecânica simples para jogar;

  • Ter servidores para o mesmo personagem com diferentes dificuldades;

  • Fácil fazer festa.

O que não gosto:

  • Não é possível encantar os itens;

  • Pouco suporte para Português Pt-Br;

  • Few boss;

  • Acompanhantes muito caros…

  • Poucas missões diferentes lvl100+

  • Não tem “atacar mobs próximos automático” (quando quer fazer uma missão de matar muitos mobs por exemplo, não da pra ativar algo para bater nos mobs automático)

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