Where to level up in Rynthia now?

I understand that you have reduced the mobs in the center of the map to avoid afk players, but you could have increased the number of mobs in other areas like the corridors and lanes. Now it’s more difficult and tiring to level up there. Look, before it was quite boring to keep going up and down all the time in the center of the map to get XP, now it got worse because you need to walk more and still end up killing less because there are few mobs.

That’s exactly what we did


Yeah you did it, but it’s not efficient, why? You have to walk into lanes and corridors in order to get a few mobs before you kill i already try in one spot but it’s exhausting just up and down just for lure 2 mobs from a lane and 2 from the other lane just to have some exp, i think the new mobs were added randomly and not in a proper way, we need need spots for hunt, for example into a corner 4/6 mobs and from lanes a few ones, something like the ice area at the beginning after the teleport. I know you are trying to fix something a bit broke but now we have no decent place to lvl up, and still have macro snd afk in other places farming items and those stuff.
I suggest create some spots around the map with decent amounts of mobs with this you will have a few parties distributed around the map and not only in one place. Other way to fix is adding a new area with stronger mobs, giving people chance to choose where they want to lvl up in a risky place with high reward or in the old ones already fixed (medium-sized spots) around the map.

Ice map is big, u can make pt in lines, kill 2 lines in same time, you need only move.
Years ago all leving ice pt in lines, no one leving in rythia camp, we back to old pts.
Now you cant leving afk, it is good, you need move for get exp.
When pt kill 2 lines in same time all get a good exp.

The only difference now and before is you can’t A afk train B bogart 90% of the mob between 10 people.

I disliked it before where you spawn in on camp and if you wasnt SUPER lucky to find that nice group or person also training where they’d split part for you to get exp. Hell that caused me not to play a few days in a row knowing every time I logged most the exp spots was maxed out.

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Come one! Fiends! The game not to be easy! Need training and dedicate time!
All game have dificult things.
To all not is easy!
Search new mods to up party! Is posible! Can you make a party and walk for the rytia killing all mobs!
In other times, the party farm was a diferent!
Sorry for mi inglish!
We have a good game! Frinds!

Dont kill ice mobs, kill death watch and obs. Farm items and sale it. Good items for players, trash items for npc.
It doesnt worth to farm in ice when they also fucked up jewel drop rate. They think its enjoyble to reduce everything now and wait for 2months when 1.5 with new places and mobs will be released.