When will the update arrive?


When will the update arrive? Will there be more pvp or guild versus guild events? It doesn’t make sense to have to be reborn so many times and spend hours training in order not to have pvp events. It could have a ranking of best guild and best player.

I’ll give you an idea:
You could create a map where players could enter at a certain time of the day and be divided into two teams to face each other at a certain time (15-30 minutes). Each team must reach the opposing side to destroy a pillar or tower to win the war. And the reward would be exp for winning and for every player you killed in the battle. Or simply the victory of the team that killed more players during wartime.

Please create a pvp event, the fun in mmorpg games is to fight against other players, not mobs. It is what I think.

they don’t bring an event. they do not bring updates.
There is nothing in the game. The number of players has decreased.

Im working on the update and we will split it in two parts, the first one that will be pushed this week is Guilds V2 plus few QoL changes.

On the other hand, this is mainly a PVE game. We wont be doing PVP events anytime soon as we would have to split matches by rebirth and training and level.


There is no need to divide the matches by rebirth or training, just lvl, for example 100-150. If a player loses to another stronger player in pvp it encourages him to want to become stronger in the game. At least the motivation to play is no longer just to gain lvl and kill monsters.
As it is, we gain lvl to get stronger to keep leveling and this is very tiring and boring.
I’m just saying that pvp motivates players. It’s just a suggestion for the game to be more fun.

Thanks for listening.

I hope you will add some function in new updates to remove upgrades from gear and take back jewels to the inventory. You said 2months ago that you can do it

Then you get players who have spent 5h in game vs those that have spent 3000h in it which is basically bad matchmaking.

It’s like I said, pvp is a motivation to level up and get stronger. Of course, pvp will be more fun for those who are stronger and play for longer, but that does not mean that a beginner will never be able to reach the level of those who play the longest.