What's this ??? It's a biiiiig confusing occurrence

I actually don’t check if there’s already a post on this.

What so, it’s possible now to send party invitations to a player who’s already in a party ?
I was in a pt with Snowdrop. Going back on my own the player I passed by sent pt request which I couldn’t understand.
I couldn’t check pt chat cause just few minutes earlier from the pt invite my chats suddenly got flushed/refreshed. Right then my pt chat channel was gone. We simply communicated through private messages or local chat.
The pt tag stayed there throughout till several minutes later when I decided to log out. What’s not right there too was, Snowdrop pmed me after the pt request from the other player was made, asking me to send pt request again.
One little other thing- when I was back at the harbour I saw Snow, and the pt tag name still continued to remain dimmed.

Even if it were just some lag with the signboards, that part’s still quite a mishap.