Weekend Boss Event

Below is a suggestion by Spoiler. Stated they are having an issue publishing and asked me to publish. Share your thoughts and opinions.

-That the heads of fire cave leave the weekend on the map, it can be at a random time and a random place

-When the boss appears, leave a message telling the players that the boss is in the world
-You can leave Chief Red on Saturday and Chief Blue on Sunday, each one giving a different experience and a different loot.

-Anyone who hurts him will receive the experience and that it is not necessarily to be in a group and receive the EXP, Drop that he releases such as jewels or items nvl 90.

-The boss is difficult to increase life and damage so that players do not abuse the event and force players to kill the boss in a group.

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Well, having a random boss event in a random time for me is a good idea, maybe spamming 2 of them in every server so everyone has possibilities.

I’m not sure about the reward(exp/gold/items). And the boss should be really challenging(high hp, def, mdef, and high regen ratio) so killing by yourself willbe almost impossible without a party.

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Since you have players wolrdwide, putting 1 boss at a random time isnt a good idea imo. I would spwan like 4 bosses along the day. this way people from everywhere have more chances to see 1 boss and of course anyone that play a lot can participate in 1-4 bosses…

About the rewards, i think is OK that everyone get exp, but loot im not sure how it should work…

The easier answer is to give rewards based on DMG, but then you have the problem of some classes that arent dmg dealers… so, i dont know how to solve this

EDIT: maybe you give more EXP to players based on dmg (to reward who give more dmg) but the drops are totaly random who get it

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Oh BTW since we are talking about bosses.
I have some good idea for new boss. I think @Zelp this gonna like it.

First, I think Laurum deserves a Dragon :wink:

We need a boss like “Baal” in Diablo 2:

1-Boss will have high HP regen so it will be impossible to defeat alone(you must need more DPS than his HP regen ratio)

2-Boss will have an Skill that will spawn certain quantity of mobs every X time, like Baal minions, if it’s too complicated then simply put random mobs spawn there so the complexity will be higher.

3-When you “kill” the boss it will “recover” his HP like going by Baal itself, so it’s like he is going to have “2 lifes” so then you must defeat it.

He could have some skills like posion effect, stun, freeze, etc.
Make both damage, PDMG and MDMG. Or then just make him MDMG and his minions PDMG.

Really challenging.


Sounds cool. Pretty much like Zelp boss but an actual npc lol


Since you are talking about a dragon, he can have a breath of fire magic dmg. claws as pdmg that poison (or not). tail swing and so on

If is to challenging, no1 will do it. Look at ds 150, the rewards are good, but it is to difficult.
Maybe bosses should be split in 5 types.

  • Exp boss
    Gives quest amount of exp to all party players involved in killing it
  • Jwl Boss
    Gives Jwl crate to every party member
  • Ring Boss
  • Necklace Boss
  • Dragon Boss
    Gives all of above

In the case of new bosses, I think that from now on they should be randomly spawning in their area and spawn at a random time. They should require teams too. It’s quite boring knowing exactly where a boss will spawn and at what interval.



Boss fight start with him at the ground.

His basic attacks are breath of something in cone range, claws in front of self, tail swing at some area at rear coming to some point in front of self.

At random times and/or after X hp loss, he fly in rage. While flying, melee attacks cant hit him. The dragon will breath like crazy.

When the Dragon land, he earthquake, making all oponents slowed down. he also summons his minions. he cant breath for X time and will do only claw and tail attacks. If he land at somenone, he grip the oponent. Oponent gripped is imobilazed and can do nothing.

While gripping, the dragon will feed doing over time dmg and regen HP. He will loose the target if he receive X dmg, regen to max HP or kill the target.

Every claw attack have a % chance to grip. If grip, he feed.

Everytime anyone crit dmg on the dragon, he counter attack with a lightning strike. lightning strike have CD to not trigger lightning on all crit attacks cause would be to much for anyone…

The dragon also summon bone prison at a target on random times. Target cant move, but can make attacks to anyone in range. Bone prison break after receiving 5 hits (not dmg).

Every X seconds dragon summon a minion to keep things spice.

Good boss fight!

Pretty sure that cant be done Hendrixen lol. This is a 2d mmo developed by 1 guy, it would take him ages to implement something like this .

More of an easier way would make it have raid boss thresholds.

  • At 100% no issues.

  • At 75% he gains over 1M Pdef so this nulls out warriors and hunters. And requires mages and pallies to take him down.

  • At 50% he gains 1M Mdef which nulls out mages and pallies, then warriors and hunters need to take him down.

  • At 25% he does more damage(maybe AoE) where you need pallies to heal and banner.

  • At 5% It enrages, and will do a wipe mechanic if not killed in X time.

You got to think a little smaller, your idea is cool, however, its just alk coding.

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Lot of great ideas we can think limitations later btw, as always the most difficult part is the reward because as one said, if it’s too damn hard no one will do it, but if we give a great reward this will change, like could drop a “Special box” that could contain a bunch of items like % of necklace, % of ring, % of a good skill, etc…
This will encourage guilds to do it and kill another guilds :wink: because considering that drop is for 1 person only…