We need your help! Ref: Quest v2.0 update

We need help to write our quest names and descriptions, example:

Quest name: Explore Laurum Harbour
Quest Description:
Welcome to Laurum Online!
The harbor is the main social place and has all the amenities you might need.
There are 4 important places you must know about: The bank, the potion shop/refiller, the gear and skill shop and the Arena. Visit them all and complete this quest

As we add more and more quests we are stuck not only with the coding/programming side of things but also with writing lore and stuff we are not good at. I know some of you out there enjoy this part and would be willing to help us create sick quest lore and also speed up the development of this patch.

If you are interested please reply with a sample quest name+description as the above and I will invite you to our quest dedicated discord group (if your English is less broken than mine of course)



Posso ajudar nessa parte mais vou faltar apenas em português e traduzir oque vocês falam

Name - The Melody of Madness

Description - Some say hellish sprites run amuck in the local area, and reside in the deepest parts of the fire caverns. You come across many things within this area, but you’ll meet quite the challenge with these creatures. The mischievous beings keep causing trouble for town folk… Burning crops, changing sign posts, and disturbing trades. Slay 45 Imps and maybe rid these poor people of some trouble, hero.

~0/45 imps conquered~


Quest Name: Overcoming the Limits.

Description: Advance to Level 80 and complete this quest.

Note: “Quests to encourage People to Upar” is already an extra feature.


Quest: Survivor

Description: Survive 6 * rounds of Devil squad.

Note: I am new to the game and do not have much knowledge about the map and its dynamics but I am slowly learning.

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Quest name: mysterious creatures inside the forest.

quest description: there has been strange things happening inside the forest, many villagers has reported that they have seen trees walking on they own, please go kill 25 treant so the villagers can travel safely inside the forest.


Quest Name: Reign Of Terror

The ancient being Alainon the Bane has awoken and is continuing the Reign of terror he once had over the Jungle North of Fort Libra. He needs to be stopped before the whole world falls to his power. Find Alainon in the Jungle Volcano and put a stop to his reign of terror!

Defeat Alainon the Bane


Sorry, we are looking for English speakers right now

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Great writing, I like it, are you in Discord?

Quest Name - War of Diamonds Cadaver

Description - It is said mythological creatures lived in bottomless pits and great caves that extended across the lands. Some were docile, gentle; spirits. However another kind reside deep within… Caves of jewels, gleaming riches laying in value’s presence. Grootslang, known as God’s deadly error. A Serpent green with envy, hunting all whom cross it’s prizes. End these creatures’ feast, Dispatch 60 Grootslang.

[0/60 Grootslang subjugated]


Thank you, and yes I am. I’m Grey Akusurya in the official server for laurum.


have you tried with sites like

I think that you can use some for inspiration

I think 3 contributors should be enough to start with, thank you all. I will send you a PM to ask for your Discord username to invite you to the Contributors group.

Thanks again.

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