Upgrading Jewels

I counted how many times you need to click to upgrade a +0 item to +50 whereas it takes about 6 clicks to +1 an item *50 you’ll get about 300 clicks just to +50 an item. What if we intend to +500 an item? It’ll take about 3000 clicks and assuming that each process of clicks takes around .5 to 1 second to execute, you’ll get about 3000 clicks in 1500 - 3000 secs/ 25 - 50 minutes, that is if you click constantly and without rest.

I propose why not enable players to craft perfect jewels with jewel shards equivalent to the number of + a perfect jewel can give e.g (perfect jewel c gives +20; crafting recipe 20 jewel c shards). It’ll make the upgrading process less time consuming and more player friendly.



Thanks for your input. Your idea is pretty good actually, basically we will introduce new crafting recipes so you can craft perfect jewels just using the equivalent amount of jewel shards.

Will be introduced in next patch v1.5


Yes patch 1.5 next decade. Good lucky waiting brother

Or when refining the item we could select how many jewels we would use at one time to evolve the item. For example, I select 15 jewels A and evolve 15 levels at once.

And to facilitate the jewelry trade, could have jewelry packages, like a package with up to 10 jewelry A, 10 jewelry B … So when it was time to negotiate I could sell 6 jewelry packages at once instead of negotiating ten times the 60 jewels.

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