Trying to get old account back

Hello, Im Slews on my new account. I played this game awhile ago but was still in paramedic school. Now i am done i wanted to give it another go. And am having the most fun of any game i ever downloded on google. When i redownloaded the game google told me i used my other google account on this app prior. I didnt think anything of it at the time. But once i got into game and saw the Titles menu it totally took me back. So i decided to log my old google and check my character out. But he wasnt there. TBH i wanted to see if i had any Titles you can no longer get. So just wanted to see of there was anything that could be done about the old account. If not its all good im about to RB on my Paladin. But if my old account had a title that would be dope. Thanks in advance


You can recover your password here - we haven’t deleted any account since 2017

Hey Alkanov, i have access to the account. But it just wants me to make a new character on that account.

When was the last time you played the game? Back in 2017 we migrated from Google Login to Username/password and players were given around 6 months to login once in order to auto migrate them. Those that didnt got their accounts deleted.

In any case if you can access the account but it wants you to create a new char then it means it is a new account.

Can you tell me the nickname of said account so I can check creation date?

I would have used Stone or Stonemsm its been awhile now cant be too sure.

Sorry mate but at this point I can’t do anything else.

Try to find out which was your nickname by using and then we can look after this issue again.