Toxicity in the in game chat

I have been playing the game for a couple of days for a couple of weeks, and I have noticed that the Global chat is often bombarded with toxicity and/or targetted harassment. I would like to know why there’s no action taken against those users or why often used words in those situations are not censored.

I would also like to use this post to request all players to try to have fun instead of bombing the chats with negativity ^^

May your hunts be plentifull.


Players who do this generally have a concept of how to bypass the filters. Due to players all over the world its difficult to monitor everyones use of words unless English was a mandatory language (which it isn’t) there are some specific players who are toxic in the chat but then when others do it are hypocrits.
Unless the dev could find trusted people to ensure rules are followed its impossible to constantly monitor.

Just a FYI as well a lot of players for their messages or spam (including the /roll) have been muted as punishment.

The best action is if you see it and feel its crossed a line then report it.

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