Time to make a good post about this game

I noticed the game is 90% macros mine was not program but u guys dont answer if is permanent i noticed the support of game is bad about answers but thanks for the ‘attention’
I will make post in google play about all this…

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… there are 90% of players in portal ice hard. Became afk spot. Nothing else to do

“The support of game” is not bad, but when you play the game the way it is meant to be played (no macros/bots) you dont get banned and ghosted.

You claimed you used a “tablet configuration” which basically behaves like a macro, even if it came embedded in your tablet.

I will check your account and you will receive a PM if we decide to unban you


Unfortunately you were caught botting. I watched you attack mobs for a few minutes then teleported you away, I watched you for a minute after teleporting and still no replies, movement,etc.

Unfortunately this ban is permanent, unless alk decides to unban.

I was watchng anime in my computer and just hold screem u can check the answer time i did after get ban