This game is dead

Is it my impression or did the developers abandon this game? … There’s nothing but lvl up, reborn, train, lvl up, reborn, train, lvl up, reborn, train, lvl up, reborn, train, lvl up, reborn, train … … until the player gives up playing because it became sickening to do the same thing all the time. Where’s a pvp event? Where are the xp or drop bonus events on the weekends? This game needs a better purpose than just earning lvl and training.

Game isn’t dead and the game is based on grinding… Laurum Online is made by an indie developer. This is a side/hobby project which doesn’t generate that much money. His job that pay his bill comes first. Hopefully in the new year he will have more time for LO.

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An MMORPG game is good in that it’s hard ,If you can’t stand it, quit, but keep the mass of players from the game

Game is easy just time consuming.

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I’m not saying that the game is bad. The problem is that the lack of events makes the game monotonous and most players stop playing before they get 10 rbs or even well before, because they realize that they have nothing but rb and training. PVP is not very stimulated. I have to create pvp events among the members of my guild so that they have the courage to play … the game is good, but it gets boring very fast

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But how does increased exp and drops help break up that. A guild related events adding a common goal for the guilds will help the small clicks of the community come together. But with a title of this game is dead. Isn’t constructive at all. First a idea that is possible needs to be formed. Then the realistic thing is it possible to be done without sinking a ton of man hours into it. Which when it comes to events I find simple is better.

Having more xp or drop bonus events, at least one weekend per month would help, it would give players a little more incentive. At least it would show that the game still has people managing it.

Now, having an event directed at the guilds I don’t even know if it’s worth it. PUG must have 200 members or more (which I think is absurd to have so many members), it has the support of a certain person, no other guild can compare with PUG. If it is a competitive event, PUG will always win.

Well its actually a number of people that made it happen and nothing really stops anyone else from doing the same. Just may take longer.

I just wanted to say that having a very high number of members in the guilds makes the game less dynamic. More guilds with a reduced number of members would provide more conflicts in the pvps services, that is, it would make the game more lively, in my opinion

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