This account has been Banned

nick: jorge

Account banned

Unfortunately you were banned for botting.

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Good afternoon @Zelp. I come to apologize first. A thousand apologies. Because I made a mistake and I’m very sorry. I love playing laurum, but I hate to die all the time. I’m too weak. I work during the day and study at college at night. There is not enough time left to train or beat Rbs. This fact led me to use MACRO. I feel like an idiot now, because in addition to being weak. now i’m banned. I am truly sorry for my mistake. Although laurum is not a well known game like free fire, it is very addictive and enjoyable to play. I have a lot of friends in this game and I have a lot of fun. So I want to ask for forgiveness again for my mistake and also ask what can you do for me? I’m sorry for everything, I just wanted to be strong in the game.

Since you admitted guilt I would have given you pass, however, you were banned before in May 2020 under the name Krauserr for another offense and given a 2nd chance.

Going to issue you a 1 week ban. If youre caught breaking any rules after its lifted you will be banned perm. Id suggest you look over the rules that are listen in the forum while youre waiting.

Thank you, zelp. I accept the punishment and I will not break another rule.