The musings of a dodo

So I’ve been playing games since like yeah forever, and sorry gonna pull the age card here, games on the Atari or commodore 64 or apple 2e. Heck before there was computers:P

That fun poke aside, I’m sure you’ve seen me posting on dev topics, or being a bit of a smartass in game, and I like to think of myself as a bit of a devil’s advocate, but one who is not focused on a singular aspect… this or that idea or thought, but as someone who looks to generate ideas that benefit the community as a whole and on a grander scale.

So heres a musing…this is going to be a long post, but, I’m going to be a jerk and let someone else do the tl;dr. Many of you also know I dont usually just spout off half cocked so its gonna be something at the very least intriguing.

A lot of talk has been centered around most recently the patch rebalance, I am not going to address that in this thread, please also do not bring that up here.

My focus is tying into the mega thread on challanging players as new content is added. The thread can be found here:

There are a lot of solid ideas in there, but I’ve noticed something you dont usually see in a game, the devs AND creator after asking for help are actually responding.

Now I cant confirm it, but during xmas there was a lotta dread about zelp spawning some uber monster… Alk came in and triggered the boosts shortly after boxing day, this leads me to believe, the devs can pull pretty much anything out of the database, and make it real and trigger things.

Zomg giant dodo appears with 50 billion hp spitting fire in Laurum port, zomg, ur ported over here but u have a buncha zombies around u but we give u 5k extra hp with more regen…


We know areas can be modified with effects now that you’ve segregated them (the mock Instance was partially implemented)… and yes I know it was one giant map okay the stores are over here port ect. winks

So… the meat and potatos…

Laurum needs some story. You can create some isolated areas with effects and custom mobs and area effects… you can already summon mobs set value hp whatever set value whatever…

Sounds like you need some dungeon masters… we used to do it all the time in baldur’s gate, neverwinter nights… card game of magic the gathering? Table top DnD?

Laurum does not have a defined story yet. This does not require guilds or rebirths, this simply requires bodies and some dungeon masters.

This is PRIME. You can now create the story of this game from the playerbase choices.

I’ve done it before as have probably many many players.

Let’s create the basic premis, and hold scheduled story dm creations throughout the week each week.

We have a main storyline Alk can develop, multiple dms with side arcs like any good book or movie, running events during the week culminating back to a tie on at the end of the week to the main story, the future content becomes based on the player choices.

The dm’s can run random content (monitored ofc so no favortism) to create their own main and side arcs seperate yet linking back to the main arc of the game, it becomes pure player driven creativity.

Get enough DMS and you can see some crazy shit happening and the players are now looking towards the story more than the grind because some side arc quest is driven by the community. A story unfolds.

Just a thought. I’ve done it before in games and I’m sure there are a lotta other geeks out there who would LOVE to run stuff like this. (Vetted ofc)

Now you put the rpg back in the game.

Just a thought.


Speeling and we all know theres gonna be some dumbass half orc with 1 charisma smoozing the elven high priestess in the tavern while the halfling barbarian conquers a dragon, but this opens up the game to be driven by the players within reason and distract from grind rb as new stuff is implemented and actually makes this an rpg.

Double edit:

Rewards can vary from already in game things, like everyone who participated gets 5x jewel a, or everyone gets a random gear piece trip stat to their class for side arcs, everyone participating in the main story gets +1 rb point, mvps get
a bonus x stat for 24hrs for being awesome rpers, ect. +10% drop chance for everyone who participated.

Implement a rating system for the dms running their arcs to gauge them. You can get some amazing side arcs going off the main plot Alk does and now content is driven by these stories instead of next thing to beat.

Edit 3: You now have players coming and playing for what they think the next story arc could be, and it could be pvp it could be pve, a dm’s side story arc could be good enough to be implemented in a new area along with several other dms arcs so even if you dont get in on all the arcs, your participation still influences a new area. (I can think of several off the top of my head that could take place in just a new town being landed, and I’m sure there are enough creative minds around the devs will be scrambling to create the content) to now drive a story, rather than just going, what new mob do we produce this patch.

Now the players define the game and their choices drive the content giving the devs plenty to work with.

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