The Conquerors time

Goodmorning everyone. I wanted to propose an idea that I think is beautiful. in the crush of ice (Rinthya) put a kind of tower or structure that can be conquered by a guild. once a day this structure loses the protective shield that defends it and for an hour each guild in play has the chance to conquer it. one in each server. the structure has 5000 and a defense (1 hit = 1 damage for everyone even for the strongest so as not to favor anyone). if the base is destroyed the control goes directly to the guild that knocked it down. those in control of the structure have different privileges. Inside the tower / structure: priest, nps pot refiller, npc bank, npc broker and a npc quest. Passive bonuses: 10% more life and mana; 5% exp and extra gold; 15% damage, def, mdef more; 5% agility and dexterity; 20% attack and movment speed. The protective barrier of the base expires once a day and a system message says “THE TOWER HAS LOST THE SHIELD”. now mine is just an idea I hope you like it. Thanks for your attention


I think this is hard to realize or it will take a lot time.