Teleportation being rebellious !?

I don’t know how this happened… It was kinda frustrating, a waste of scroll, and just… What in the world is a ‘TP to Party Leader scroll’ that won’t teleport me to party leader??

It was confusing and the partymate didn’t seem to understand me so I couldn’t get much proof. But anyways, here’s an attempt to explain what happened:-

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According to image (A) ; we’re in the fire cave , and since the partymate died, I tried teleporting to him at the near end of 01:32 . Whilst in progress, he sent help request and I told I was currently tping, 01:33 , the chat background shows I’m next to Kil Kordig, which was the exact place I got teleported to. Here, pt mate was nowhere near, even if he was currently moving, provided the chance of him using a skill to move swiftly, the pt name tag was not lit, the map indicated no sign of nearby players. I later found out too, that he was already fighting the fire cave monsters then, hence why he asked for help. Weird.

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According to image (B) ; (a little while later) , pt mate died again. I asked where he was (again, of course he respawned and time was left enough for him to move far away already) and used the tp to leader scroll again immediately afterwards. As he replied that he was fighting the fire mobs yet again, I found myself being teleported out to where the image shows I’m standing - the treants. Okay now, even when considering the fact that he could be lying about his location, still the pt name tag was dimmed, and the map showed no signs of him being anywhere near. I was much too confused and told him where I ended up, saying how it didn’t make any sense. Few seconds passed and he came out to meet me through the fire cave entrance. Analysing another probability that he used scroll for the cave entrance and went in ‘before noticing is possible’(the void, processing period of load), and had come out again, the timing and his decreasing hp bar contradicted it otherwise. Okay, again weird.


According to image © ; well this ain’t really like the other two, but just realisation of the fact that using the aforementioned scroll could render me stuck. It was a bummer that the skills don’t work so I couldn’t attack, but sweet still 'cause they ain’t noticing me there. I’m like a dead body or an object of the map… haha…

Okay so that’s all. I understand that there could just be some conditions which led to the occurrences I quite feared. But still, they’re surely enough to affect me well. I haven’t used that specific scroll again , as per all plays before this entry. Thank you.

The first two screenshots failed to upload, would you mind re-uploading them?
As far as the last shot, Its hard to understand how this happened. If you have the time, could you reproduce this issue in a private video on youtube for us to review? This is something we would like to get to the bottom of.

… Uh… :disappointed_relieved: I don’t know how to do that issue reproduction through video, my apologies… :pensive:

I got another problem again and I didn’t even manage to get proof :persevere:
It is ordinary to be back at the priest’s right when there’s a problem with login… By problem with login, I mean the connection related errors… But sometimes even with good connection and proper disconnection through the menu account, it often still says that my account is still logged in from some other device and I’ve gotta try again later…

This kinda rebellious teleportation happened again recently, while I was at Rynthia, I got dc, I relogged in to find myself at Laurum Harbour, then I used the Teleport Scroll to get me to Rynthia. The system said , “Scroll used” and definitely the loading went properly… When the bar was full I wasn’t teleported anywhere. :neutral_face: , I waited around eight seconds, then I got disconnected. I was simply hoping that when I log back in I would be at Rynthia like how I was supposed to be. Then, after logging in, I was still back at the place I used the scroll at… I don’t think it’s fair , :disappointed_relieved: , since the number of uses left on the scroll was still reduced from nine to eight…
It’s just bad net right? :weary: