Supporter pack available in shop

I’d like to see some supporter packs available in game shop. One time buy.
Some ideas would be:

  • Laurum Supporter
    Price: 4,99e
    Includes: 360 gems, Supporter title.

  • Starter pack
    Price 3,99e
    Includes: 360gems, 6 inventory spaces.


Yeah we definitely need to improve the IAP section, it’s been like that for over a year now.


Agree to all, that numbers sounds good
Almost every game has “starter pack and one time bla bla premium pack” so good idea.

You could also do “monthly packs” reaccuring monthly fee (must be done manually) with incentives. Possibly no limit to broker, given 10 gems a day for 30 days, 10 extra bag spaces, special title when its current for that month, etc. You could do 2.99$ packs to include X, 4.99$ packs to include Y, 7.99$ to include Z etc. Still being not pay to win but would give devs a monthly push of revenue to work on bettering the game. Both sides happy. Also who wouldn’t pay 3$ a month for benefits lol.