Suggestion to add in 1.5 connected to guilds

Hi due to 1.5 update where we will have a new guild system and probably more slots available I wish to know what’s your opinion of adding one of these options which not having them would cause a strange situations like friendly fire:

  • Green axe to attack everyone except guild members ( Already suggested it few months ago but it was skipped >.< )
  • Increasing slots in pt ( less realistic option )

Please let us and devs know what u think about this, u want something like that in 1.5?

  • yes
  • no

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Green axe for guild members and allied guild members perhaps, if there’s an ally and enemy guild system in the pipeline.

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not hate but a green skull is usless
the party is enough xD or maybe ask for infinte party xD
a green skull will be a waste of time in my opinion…just party
i dont see any benefit of adding it
(or just when someone from ann comes to ice party and gets insta killed🤣)


Hello alk I am a Brazilian who helped the game in translation and I was very sad to know that he was removed from our country.
I have many friends who have played the game for a while and many of them have more than 20RB and it is very sad that we lose the game like that for a minority that acts illegally!

I wanted to give a suggestion of how the game in Brazil could make it work other games here do it and it works!!!

He said that 99% of the problems are because of us, but a large part of the players in Brazil love the game and would not want to go without playing … I am one of them
I’ve seen ways to control games like that in Brazil work, In the game “Nebulous” there is a team of Brazilian moderators, they can apply a ban, silence the player for a maximum of 1 day. And only with evidence of the wrongful act…You could try to do the same and bring together some people who wanted to help the game in Brazil and do that …For people to let moderators know his nickname would be in a part of the chat just for that they could also use social networks to receive reports… You could form a team of Brazilian moderators to help take care of the game, please dont remove the game for Brazil…

I suggest rather than made new green axe, just change the purpose of white axe from not attacking at all to not attacking guildies member purpose since there are already pve server.