[Suggestion] Guild upgrade system

Alright so it starts in the guild menu, top left corner next to refresh will be another button labelled “upgrades”.

Clicking this reveals a screen much like stat training window. There are 6 different boost categories, each with 2 bars that are being filled. One bar is for upgrading, the other is for activating.

You can donate to either upgrading or activating the category with “guild coins”. These are materials that can be found in game, rarity of about a jewel, or purchased at a limit of 10/day per member for 10,000 gp each. In addition to donating guild coins, activating (but not upgrading) can be accomplished in an alternative way for each category, as described below.

Activating each bonus requires 1000 guild coins and/or activations. The upgrades raise in cost per lvl, and make the activations better. Each activation lasts 24-48 hrs, and while it is active it glows and can not accumulate further activation points until it wears off. All of the buffs are guildwide. When the activation bar fills, it wont actually turn on unless a guild officer activates it.

  1. Exp bonus
    Gain an activation point when anyone in the guild gains a level.
    Lv1: free - 2% bonus exp
    Lv2: 2000 guild coins - 4% bonus exp
    Lv3: 4000 gc - 6% bonus exp

  2. Training bonus
    Gain an activation point when anyone in the guild gains a stat training level.
    Lv1: free - 2% training stone efficiency (maxed arcturo inatead of 30% gives 30.06%)
    Lv2: 2000 gc - 4%

  3. Item drop bonus
    Gain an activation point whenever someone in the guild upgrades an item/wastes a jewel.
    Lv1 - 4% item drop bonus
    Lv2 - 2000 gc - 8% item drop bonus
    Lv3 - 4000 gc - 12% item drop bonus

  4. Quest reward bonus
    Gain an activation point whenever someone in the guild completes a quest.
    Lv1 - 2% bonus exp and gold from quests
    Lv2 - 2000 gc - 4%

  5. Attack (patk/matk) bonus
    Gain 10 activation points whenever someone in the guild kills a blue karma player from another guild.
    Lv1 - 2% bonus to p attack and m attack
    Lv2 - 2000 gc - 4%

  6. Defence (pdef/mdef) bonus
    Gain 10 activation points whenever someone in the guild kills a red karma player from another guild.

  • lvling Same as att but for m def and pdef

Level cap for each boost is 10.
Average level of all 6 boosts can can increase maximum guild capacity. Ie all your boosts are lv2 and you have 22 slots in guild. This can motivate people to not just focus 1 boost too hard.

It is both noob and high lvl friendly, you can dump gold on it but do not have to. For example, low rb guilds will easier get the exp boost to activate but it might be lower level. High rb guilds that mostly train will activate the training boost easily, and so on. It rewards activity of the guild, while letting some players gold dump to a limited degree for slightly faster upgrading.

Can add fluff to it by calling them “totems” or “favour of the gods” or what have you, let duncy think it out.

I dont think this is too complicated to implement and it is keeping things as simple as possible while still being fun and rewarding activity and team play. Also some room for new content rewarding guild coins.

Thumbs up or down please for the general idea, i have some ideas for the UI if we want to proceed in this direction.


I like those ideas, as long as all the buff dont buff more than 10% at max lvl cause it could become OP.

A note about point 5 and 6. You see pk few times when playing cause it is easy to become one, but blue people is scarse cause you dont get much karma when killing a pk and it will go away really fast by killng mobs so, im not sure killing blue or red would be the thing to trigger those buffs. I know if you just put “killing any” as the requirement people will just start to kill whatever they find… at the same time i want some sort of thing that make people go pvp more, i dont really have an answer for a good way to make this happen without the possibility of people exploiting it

Alright, its time to revive this topic for 1.5


So here is my 2 cents, cause ain’t got 5.

Guild Points earned three different ways. (But actually only one)
Guild daily quests:

  1. Gold donating
  2. Gem donating (maximum 10-20 cause they can get from daily quests and game doesnt become p2w)
  3. Mobs Killing.
    Each type of quests adds x amount of GP to your guild.

Guild points can craft/buying to:
Buy x buff for x time
Guild slot increase
Maybe guild alliance where to guilds forms a bigger guild and having both benefits from GP with smaller decrease.
Guild level increase, which opens more buffs or guild slots every level.

Guild Points can also be lost, but not earned.
“Input here banner idea” + If enemy banner gets destroyed, enemy guild loses x amount of GP.

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I’ve always liked the old school maplestory style guild system.
Players create a guild by visiting a guild master npc, take on a quest, pay a bunch of meso (gold) and boom guild is formed, player is guild leader, and can purchase an emblem for the guild, appoint and custom name up to 5 guild ranks, can expand guild capacity, purchase weekly guild drops, and unique skills for guild to use for limited times…
the guild system is more abstract from the current guild system in that it becomes its own set of upgrades for the player, and gives everyone a whole new layer of complex mechanics to use

For Laurum I would break it down like this:

  • Guild creation 500k - its a little higher, but should stabilise quickly
  • Guild Emblem Creation 1kk - chosen from a predefined palette of roman characters and simple sprites on separate layers, the player could pseudo “customize” their guild logos
  • players earn contribution points or guild points for the guild by completing daily and weekly quests
  • players earn Guild Gold for the guild by donating, or rebirthing
  • only guild leaders can purchase upgrades for the guild using guild points and gold
  • guild officers have the ability to invite and kick people from the guild, but can only promote to the rank directly below them
  • (give leaders the ability to assign any guild rank as an officer rank or default rank)
  • default rank players benefit from guild perks/purchased upgrades, but can not promote anyone nor can they spend guild gold/points
  • special dungeons only accessible by guild members
  • discounted basic items shop at the guild master (for newbies joining a guild)
  • maybe have a shop that buys jewels at a slightly increased price (after buying a guild perk) from the player thus helping to regulate the price and trade of jewels slightly.
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The issue I see with most of these ideas is that while one member could be making progress on his guild on Server A, if another player is on Server B he wont get these changes (guild exp, coins from farming ,etc) because we dont have a server to server communication channel that can be spammed with multiple updates per second.

In order to go around this technical limitation we need to keep guild attributes changes (call it exp, guild coins, levels, whatever) to a minimum.

Based on ideas above plus few mine knowing our architecture I propose:

  • Guilds can accumulate gold and gems
  • Guild gold/gems are donated by members on a fixed basis (you can select to donate 100k, 250k, 500k, 1M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 20M or 50M)
  • Only guild owner can activate guild bonuses (this will trigger a broadcast so all servers are aware of this as it happens)
  • Guild level will act as a multiplier for bonuses, price of each bonus, the time each bonus last, etc. But there won’t be guild exp (would require multiple updates across all servers to keep it synched)
  • Guild level can be increased with gems/gold, each level will cost more than the one before


Knowing guilds can store (no withdrawals) gold and gems, these are some detailed examples of 3 bonuses we could implement, please let me know your thoughts:

  • Player Experience
    • Bonus of 0.5%*guild level
    • Cost to activate of 15.000.000 Gold or 1050 Gems
    • Active for 24h
  • Walking Speed
    • Permanent bonus of +30% walking speed
    • Costs to activate of 2.500.000 Gold
    • Active for 10minutes * guild level
  • Member expansion +1
    • Cost to activate of 3.000.000 Gold * guild level or 1750 Gems

Taking @Krag_Hack idea we can also come up with Training Exp, Attack and Defense bonuses.

Bonuses price might seem high, but remember this is a guild goal and we only have one shot, if we release these bonuses with low prices then it will cost us several google play retard reviews to bring it up to a logical price. On the other hand if we release with bonuses too expensive we can always lower them as we go.

I decided to leave stuff like Extra gold, drop rate, PVP, Karma out because it is very exploitable and if all we want is to take gold out of the game in exchange for benefits, giving out more gold won’t cut it.

I’ll be reading this topic every day and taking notes

TL/DR: We cant have stuff that requires servers to communicate with each other multiple times per second. Stuff like Guild exp when you kill a monster requires one server to tell the others to increase guild exp by 20 (random exp number), multiply this by the amount of players/guilds/servers and it becomes our own monster with things like lagged updates and false guild information where you can see your guild has 1000xp on Normal#1 but other members can see it has 550xp on Normal#5.


I’ll drop a few random suggestions seeing majority has been discussed already

• Guild notice board
• make mob materials included in donations whereas guild leader can craft them and sell to members for guild profit (Scrolls, exp potions, reset potions except jewels)
• make guild tag font design/color different and unaffected by karma color so friendly fire can be avoided
• also I find it annoying as to why recruits can invite others to guild. Please make it that only officers or higher position can invite


Could we have a guild bank only on one server, say normal 1, where guild members can deposit valuable items they are not using for other guild members to use Eg plus 500 upgraded items. Guild bank inventory slots can be upgraded for extra space. Guild moderators approve the items for storage. And all items borrowed are automatically returned every 24 hours.

Unfortunately a guild bank would require a lot of work which we dont have time for right now.

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Experience Bonus: 0.5% * guild level, active for 16 hours, gold cost (I have no suggestion for this). I propose a soft cap at 25%, every guild level after gives half (0.25%). This will prevent the experience bonus from running wild if guilds level too fast past guild level 50. If necessary, remove the soft cap.

Are you okay with using gems to burn for experience bonus? I feel like this is treading towards the area of pay-to-win benefits, (ability to buy gems = ability to keep perma exp bonus on)

Movement Speed: 30% seems excessive, perhaps 20%? Will current caps be taken into account with this buff? Will players with max movement speed from augments on equips be able to benefit as well?

Member Expansion: Will there be a cap to number of members? I don’t quite like the idea of this being tied to guild level. I think a simple gold/gem cost that increases per member slot should be okay. Perhaps start at 3,000,000 per member, increase by 5 or 10% per additional member.

Other Non-Game Beneficial Bonuses:

Guild Tag Color: Similar to how we can have colored titles, create a tier system that unlocks cool colors for your guild tag. You can create many tiers and have this unlocked via gems only.