Sold stone of arcturo +44

help return stone of arcrturo +44 (approximately, I don’t remember exactly but for more than forty). After the improvement, I did not notice and did not lock. which mods I don’t remember. for this visit at six in the morning. much effort has been spent, help return.
Name zverstvo

Ps: this is not the only thing that is so lost, before the update there was a problem that with each download you need to set the lock to lock again.

I can be wrong, but mods sta,str and dodge

Hi! for the record, the locks are not saved through all your clients so if you play android and then windows the lock you made from one device will not be seen in the other one, because that information is saved on the client side and not on the server side.

Your item was sold yesterday or today?
Let’s see if Alk can do something. @Alkanov


No, I use one client and one account, this problem came with the update, with the subsequent update I disappeared.

i’ll check it today at some point, but please, remember to always have your stuff locked!

Thank you for your understanding. Unfortunately, this is not the only case I saw in the chat like sad messages. Since we like gamblers to play night and day, and for days to fly, we are not immune from annoying mistakes. Maybe 5 minutes is not enough to return. Sorry for my English, I use a translator.

is there any result, I just don’t know whether to improve a new stone or not