Small jewel suggestion for 1.5

Problem: Hours to upgrade items from +0 to +500

Make perfect jewels be craftable from normal jewels
Make failsafe jewels be craftable from corrupted jewels


For once I agree with you somewhat I think it would be a great QOL if you could use say 30d jewels to make a perfect one but I disagree on the corrupt but same time currently I hate those gems so I figure this would at least make them a viable option.

Will be great if in 1.5 alk will add some function to remove upgrades from items.
It sucks when you have 200+ item but no one want to buy it because augments is not with xp

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I can see that is a problem but its really just bad investment how ever in 1.5 certain items will be worth salvaging but might need toss more into it to make +500 =)