Salvaging upgraded items: Jewel shards

So I became interested about what exactly is the equivalent of one jewel upgrade to a shard.
Like when we salvage a blue or green level item from farming we’d obtain the same number of jewel shards for the corresponding upgraded times.
Then what about purple and orange/red levels?
Salvaging a +500 level 90 gear gave 15 jewel A shards, 35 jewel B shards, I don’t remember the number of jewel C shards, and around 170 jewel D shards. This is unlike how we’d normally expect- 300 D shards.
Is this affected by the level of the upgraded gear, or the number of upgrades, or the jewel itself? Is it undefined?
It is more likely in a sense that it would not give the exact shards for legendary items, which would be a good reason for anyone to be more reluctant in salvaging such items; even for obtaining the infused weapon material thingy.
It would be great if anyone can spare their time to explain the concept behind this salvaged upgraded items providing jewel shards.

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