Rule Clarification

Hello, I’m a bit confused on rule #11 - Using multiple accounts to level/gain an advantage. Does this mean no alts are allowed at all or does it mean you can have multiple alts but you cannot use your main/other accounts to farm quests for the alt?

So if I were to create an alt and use it as a bank mule and/or level it up as a different class but not in the same party as my main, is that within the rule? I could see how this could be against the rule because bank and inventory space cost money/gems and you’re bypassing that with an alt.


I’d like clarification as well. As I’m reading it it’s basically a no dual boxing but chat seems to indicate no alts at all…

It is allowed to use alts as banks but you are not allowed to take advantage of the fact that you can dual box, one of the best examples would be to create 4 accounts and walk around with 4 chars spamming skills to do your own mini-party/DS.