Rooftop Sightseeing

This might as well be a bug (?). But it’s a late share, 1.4.5 , so relevance upon reporting as a bug would be inappropriate. If that ain’t the case though I apologise. Ya see haha I got a nice rooftop sightseeing at Libra, upon the shop. We should hold a meeting there sometime. No idea how I got there, it might have something to do with poor connection. I couldn’t get off easy though. Difference with the normal case of being stuck though is that, at that time I could actually move around.
No one seemed to really believe me when I light heartedly said my experience, or the bitter truth that they’re just not interested… ehh . Now that screenshot is my late proof. I’ve also been stuck in this area another time. We’re supposed to enter if we neared the door don’t we, I was stuck right at the door wall corner. :neutral_face: .
Sharing my encounter in the amazing game here, thank you.