Review on pvp damage latest formula

This is not a complain, it is just a review about the latest pvp formula. Nothing personal against any class.

First of all, before the latest change, pvp formula made people very hard to kill, people were close to be inmortal god unkillable. It needed a change.
But the NEW formula feels the opposite, damage is too high now, and people die with one shot or with one combo, and people die very fast.

I recomend a NEW formula, something In the Middle, where people cant be inmortal and people cant one shot others…

I saw some hunter doing 2k damage auto attack. Wizzards doing 2.5 to 3k damage auto attack and 3.5k skill damage. If a warrior gets to u, u just explote and die. Paladín burn can easely take half of your hp without even attack u.
All clases do crazy amount of damage. Specially wizzard.

I am talking about people who has 10k to 15k hp and die with one combo from wizzards.

I couldnt find any info about the new formula. If a yo e has the exact numbers please tell us.
I tried to figure out the new formula, and I think that it is something like this:

((base damage + (base damage x 0,25)) - defense) ÷ 5

I Will explain it. Basically we all get a bonus of 25% damage (or so) before defense it is considered. (I think, I am not sure, I dont know the exact numbers). The numbers might be a little different, the Important thing here is that people have an extra bonus damage in pvp.

Right now pure damage clases like hunter and wizz do insane damage. And wizz get a bonus of almost 50% damage (considering skill concentración gives extra 25% Int damage).

So what it is the problem??
-Well, wizzards are gods now.
-meele clases cant even reach enemies.
-Ranged clases kill people in a blink.
-Also, even warriors changed to wizzards, starting their INT trainning from zero and giving away their STR trainning.
-many paladins Also changed to wizz.

I hope alka read this and take it in consideración.

This is my review.
I am listening your comments.

I think you are not taking into account the level of each player. The level of training and the amount of rebirths that a player has compared to the other influences the damage a lot. If you take two classes with the rb and training level almost equal, the fight will be balanced. I am a warrior and only die for a hunter or wizard if he is much stronger than me.