Reroll exp mod in 1.5

Again after a quick look in testland.

I can see that exp is now one of the mods that you can randomly get when rerolling any of the new level 100 gear.

It doesn’t seem to have changed for the existing level 100 items (potions and stones) or for the rest of the existing lower level gear. I’m guessing by design but thought worth checking?

Indeed, as this is the only way of getting different mods on your gear once its crafted

If you asking that is it worth to do reroll in 1.5 then i can tell you yes.
For me 2xp items was rerolled 3 times in testland. Of course dont expect to get cool item after spending just 50k gold, you need a lot gold for this, but dont remember that couple months ago, 90lvl items with 2xp mod cost 3-8 kk gold.

Remember an item level 100 will cost way more than 3-8kk due to how much goes into the crafting of it, so allowing exp re-rolls on it was just the cherry on top