Reduce the amount of materials

Alkanov, I know that you have reduced the number of materials needed to be able to make the items, but I ask you to take a closer look at this issue, as LOTS of materials are still needed. I calculated how many items would be needed to get the final product, and it looks like this: (I’m using the hunter item as an example)

672,000 Raw Leather to make 168,000 Ancient Leather
168,000 Ancient Leather to make 33,600 Gold Leather
33,600 Gold Leather to make 5,600 Harden Leather
5,600 Harden Leather to make 800 Green Leather
800 Green Leather to make 100 Treated Leather
100 Treate Leather to make 10 Protected Leather

Before its modification, 1,000,000 Raw Leather were needed, now there are 672,000, which is still a lot, since we need to collect items from level 40 (of the specific class for each material) and remove the materials from them.

I come to suggest that you reduce this number even more and ask that the Raw Leather / Cheap Cloth / Copper Ingot / Chromium Bar materials fall from the monsters (all or from level 1-50) as drop materials, like quest items.

Maybe you should see if there are other ways to get the materials. :wink:

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What other way would it be? The initial items there that I mentioned (Raw Leather …) according to the description of the material are only obtained from items of level 40.

Maybe you should explore new update more, as there are more ways then one to do things.

Look, this image shows that you have 33 Treated Lether, that is, you can make 3 Protected Leather … But there is no other way to get this Treated Leather, if you have, please explain it better. How else can I get this Treated Leather?

figure it out. all i can say is i didnt craft 100’s of thousands of stuff like you listed. This is why people need to play more and explore before saying things too hard.

I did a test here, I had 400 Raw Leather, I crafted it all and in the end it only gave 3 Green Leather … The calculation I made above is not wrong. Is there another way to get these materials without having to drop lvl 40 items? How did you do it?

The issue for me is that aside from shere volume it creates a bottleneck. Yes there is a route one approach but that will create another bottleneck and in addition effectively makes the entire tiered element of the crafting system pretty much redundant. It’s currently pyramid style and all builds from the bottom. If there were multiple entry points then that would make it both more achievable and spread the farming for mats more across the existing content. Might it be possible to retain the tiered element whilst also having some of the intermediate tier cloth, leather etc drop from higher level mobs - either directly or from salvage. A bit like you can turn green shards into orange jewels through multiple iterations but equally all of the shards drop in game. This would make it both challenging but also achievable for those willing to make the effort.

Whilst on the subject of materials/ingredients for crafting I’m currently puzzled as to the practicality of farming some of the drops; thinking tongues etc as from my experience the drop rate is very low and equally the mobs are few and far between. Similarly the requirement for broken runes from salvaging corrupted enchants. Needing 2160 for one random weapon is a steep ask. May be doable with lots of gold, time and help from others but this doesn’t feel replicable for more than very few players.

I guess it partly comes down to the intention behind the expansion and especially the crafting system. I’d suggest that some more tweaks could change it from impossible (in any real sense for 99.9% of players) to accessible whilst still immensely challenging.

And since I’m on a roll I’ve jotted down a range of feedback and suggestions below. Apologies in advance and please forgive me as I don’t know how difficult some suggestions are to implement and of course things may be working as intended!

  • review drop rates on some items in RH as per my previous comments. And/or volumes required of some items for RH quests/crafting.
  • Dalgak does not appear to drop accessories; of course this may be deliberate or very low drop-rate and the joys of RNG.
  • linked to drop rates, itndoesn’t seem achievable to do grind manual quest outside cave; might the drop rates be tweaked (especially crosses) to make it hard but doable? Or add more time as with hunting kermit quest.
  • more significant change but might RH mobs drop equipment and stones as well? Might encourage more people to play there and would give salvage and gold earning opportunities
  • even more significant… perhaps RH could drop level 100 gear (similarly scaled as with similar level increases with gear as it goes up levels). This would encourage more play there and also give a few more stats to those of us not at 30RB with max/high training.
  • linked to this perhaps end game crafting could be for higher level gear (120? 150?) in recognition of the phenomenal effort involved; along with the set bonuses as currently included with level 100.
  • I hesitate to suggest this as there might be unintended consequences but… could mats be traded at broker? There is now a huge demand for a wide range of mats and it would make a massive difference if they could be bought and sold.
  • linked to the above is there any way the broker can accommodate selling stacks of items; currently thinking jewels but would apply to other mats if tradable. Some people now sitting on thousands of shards and being able to sell stacks would be a big help.
  • a way to turn jewels into other jewels without having to individually create, stash, rinse/repeat would be a big help. E.g. 48 green shards create one orange jewel.

That’s enough for now, thanks for listening.

Just to add as ever immensely grateful for all the work that’s gone into this; clearly a ton of content there - just needs tuning/balancing in my opinion but appreciate I am just one voice with one perspective.