Re-Roll Event! Opinion

Re-roll event took most of my time.
After almost 10k Re-rolls (you can check this in your logs or … ).
I made a conclusion.
To keep 90% Forever. WHY ?
In my opinion that will improve game experience a lot!
For the balance to not press this REROLL button 12 hours as i did.
Up the price and chances by a little little bit.
Money will flow. Trade chat will be alive. Farmers will farm items. Prices will be more figured and many other positive things like newbies will be able to create their own dream items like INT INT (DURABILITY??)…
I spent 10mil or more, at usual state i could buy my full set. But nobody sells that i need.
and by spending 12h and 10mil i still didnt get shit that i need.
I think this is the best idea and this will pull out the game on the new stage.
Please if you agree make a pull for this.
Players who like this idea also (Like) So admin will see that idea get support.


What if reroll event is hidden experiment to test how much money ppl will loose during 3 days


The event save the economy of server.


I would say the economy would be stable with normal reroll price.
im glad i wasted before only 5% of all my money for rerolls, or even less.
As i said in one of topics player need something where to waste money. not collect it.
we didnt have way to waste money until reroll event came out.

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yeah you are right, but I guess it won’t be changed :frowning: