RB 1 Hunter, Red Boss Solo less than 2 mins

I posted it because I heard someone said hunter cannot fight boss solo.
Here I show a RB1 noob hunter (dodge type) with low stat training and mediocre equipment killed red boss in less than 2 minutes and only 2 HP pot required.


Everyone as 1 RB Can kill boss with legendary-epic gear and +50% str…
But I think it takes too much for a 1 RB player to get this gear

  1. Costs alot
    2.Upgrade costs alot
    3.It takes alot of time
    Key word is “alot”
    Personally when I was 2 RB I could kill boss and even afk it. Because I had good set, exactly Regen set (total 25% regen) and like 2.5k HP
    Well it took me like 3-4 minutes to kill it but I did it solo
    To get that set at 2 RB took me alot but some friends helped me( and 0 stat training xd)

Yes agreed, it took me 3-4 hours jewel farming/day for around 2 weeks.

But the point is all classes can solo any boss, not just wizard or warrior.
Some ppls keep believing only wiz n war capable for boss solo.

lol. i can see that your equipment ir far from be mediocre… ring with 3 mods, neck with two, str and dodge build on equips…myth/legend lazuli enchants everywhere… of course you can kill any boss with it…

any player that start from scratch and without any help of other players will take like two months of hard play to build something like this.


It can be less than 2 months, but first of all u gotta quit ur job first n focus to laurum lol, i started play few days after get unemployed lol.

But anyway how do u know my mods? I didnt show it in my video o.O

every mod have its own rune characterer


No class should be able to run Boss by itself, even less range classes, balance needed

it’s really easy to fix that

just make a huge HP regen amount to every boss, so you are gonna need to do a lot of DPS in order to beat that HP regen ratio… so with one character it would be almost impossible to kill a boss without at least another member.

or just add a new boss with those capabilities ^, also you could add to the boss the skill to “summon” creatures so you must kill not only the boss but his minions(like Baal in Diablo 2), or like a mix with DS/Boss so it will be hard as f**k


boss could have more HP regen, well, maybe.

but those other thigns you are saying looks a lot like a raid.

Abelot is just a boss that could and should be killed by a sinlge person with advanced gear + traning + Rb

this is my opion so, devs may think diferently

That hunter is no noob char :v hahaha
Its OP

Most of ppl dont even get a full 3x mod set by first RB

easy to talk with steady shot and all equips upgraded with legendary bow 2xstr and 163 str training, 1 rb hunter dont have all that in few time and with no steady shot you put more than 2 minutes, so is like fake video, noob hunter cant alone red boos 1 rb

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Yeah Cremisi, it’s obviously a brag video with a twinked player, but let the post die

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I did this with a 2 RB Paladin with truly mediocre gear. Only one Blue and it’s my hammer. It wasn’t that easy but doable. Just slam Health potions and spam heal, he eventually dies.