Pvp event please

You could create a pvp event that would encourage players to fight each other.
My suggestion is that you create, at a certain time of the day (in the afternoon and at night it would be good), an npc (similar to the DS npc) that teleports players to a battle map (similar to the arena). There, with a limit of 30 players, 15 for each side, and at random, two teams (blue and white) fight each other for a maximum of 15 minutes. The team that has killed the most opponents wins. And the reward can be gems, 6 for the winning team and 3 for the defeated team. There can also be a bonus of 1 gem for whoever kills 10 opponents, 2 gems for 20 opponents and 3 gems who killed more than 30 opponents.

The allowed level to enter is between 100 and 150.

You can say that it is unfair for those who are starting now against those who have been playing for a long time, but I believe it would encourage beginning players to want to become stronger. OR the moment you enter this battlefield, training statuses are not counted.

If 50 players enter the PVP event, it would look like this:
Battlefield 1 - 15x15
Battlefield 2 - 10x10
and so on according to the number of players entering the event

It’s just a suggestion … if you have a better idea, please run it … the game needs a PVP event