PvP Drops and Justice on PvP

Hi, to start it off the RED (bad karma players) are unjustified they drop stuff when they die, either from mobs or from players right? its kind of unbalanced tbh when blue (good karma) players attack first, they drop stuff and when they fight back (kills blue players) they don’t drop stuff and their karma worsens, basically you can’t kill them because if you do your karma worsens and if you fail to protect yourself you lose a valuable weapon you spent hours working on, and its literally in the quest to kill or to PvP others which gets you bad karma.

So i prepared a solution, why not blue players drop items too if they die from red players and vice versa, and if you don’t want to pvp stay innocent (green) meaning you dont drop stuff and when you kill red or blue users they dont drop either, but gets you good or bad karma depending on what user you killed. If a blue user kills another blue user their karma remains and doesn’t drop, same for red, but if Red kills Blue then it’s real pvp and they should drop stuff whether who died the blue or the red, making it fair.

or make the Blue users vulnerable to drop if they attacked first (which wouldn’t work since once you get attacked you would get almost one shot by the next skill).


Or create a PvP chance with Drop items for everyone, like Tibia. (If die by other player, roll , if 95/96/97/98/99 == drop one item {5% chance of every die, to drop one equip).
on DS and / or Boss, drop an amulet named on Tibia by (AOL - Amulet of Loss), to prevent the people to drop equips (will consume one charge or delete item when u die).

But, for a dedicated PvP, my suggestion is Other server, not linked with the main server.

(Actual servers: Normal PvP, the new one, Enforced PvP).

This is my idea, in “englando” because iam not native. ty

Nah I think the karma system works pretty good as is. Players are free to choose to pk, and suffer the consequences of it. They also have the ability to get rid of negative karma. This honestly sounds more like pkers complaining they killed people then lost items when someone bigger rolled on em.

Now… If they pvp system ever gets revamped to give players and even guilds a reason to pvp. A ladder system for top pvp, and guild pvp… motivation to engage in it… then I would say lets relook into the karma/drop system and other pro’s/consequences. But till then it does the job rather fairly given the current state of pvp. Especially when you consider if your getting harassed you can hop servers, or if you build up karma you can again hope around till you can farm somewhere to reduce it.

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I lost my Meteor Rain,i dont like this,remove skill drops please…S2

Think pvp drop right now is good.
I agree with self protection to not get more karma.
Otherwise if you are red you cant protect yourself without getting more karma.

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