Pvp bug, skills remove target.

I am not sure how to screenshot this so I will just describe the problem. When I target a player to attack it auto attacks as normal however selecting any skill makes me untarget them and no skill is used I can still then use aoes to hit them but no single target spells. I am playing on mobile this only happens versus players. I am using blue axe so targets are only negative karma not sure of same glitch occurs with red axe. Also I am not in a guild and my targets were… not sure if that matters. Thanks!


No clue what could cause this but

Hi Reminix, the bug you mentioning it’s already known. They gonna fix it with the next update.

This is already a known issue and we are working on it.


Ok thanks! Have a great day.

Will be fixed here 0.9.84 - Bug fixes and Google Sign In