Purpose of playing/new server ideas

First let me apologize because I AM relatively new to the game and probably dont have the experience to suggest this compared to most of you.
I really enjoy the game, i would say probably 8.5/10 but at the same time I do not have the motivation to play. There seems like there is no end goal. Pvp is not really challenging or rewarding, and it feels like you level just to see your stats get better and better for no real reason.
I dont mean this to sound like shit talking the game, i know its still kind of new.
I just want to suggest something like a new FRESH server where everyone there starts at level 1 with a different style of pvp mechanics.
Heres a short list of pvp rule suggestions to make pvp a more noticable feature of the game.

1 players names will show RB level next to name

2 players can only fight other players of the same rebirth level (but only level 40-150 able to pvp)

3 when you die in pvp you will drop 100% of backpack inventory (death from pve is 0% drop) and 10% of gold on hand

4 when you die from pvp your experience will return to 0% of your current level (but never downgrade level) even if you were at 97% to next level

5 when you kill another player your name will turn orange for 20 minutes or until you are killed. When dying with a orange name you will have a 10% drop chance on every equipped item

6 if you kill three green named players while your name is orange, your name will turn red for 6 hours (regaurdless if you die or not). Dying while your name is red will have 50% of your gold on hand drop, 100% of backpack inventory, and 50% drop chance for each equipped item.

This kind of pvp system is inspired by old school Tibia, where it promotes pvp to be a common occurance but penalizes those who kill too often by adding additional risk. There will be people seeking fights every day but nobody roaming and killing every player they see.

Tell me what you think.

why too much hardcore? In this case, only one ppl can own the game

How so? Only people of the same RB can fight each other. If you kill several people and have a red name and die you lose more than it was worth to kill people.
The pvp we have is now is inconsequential. It promotes people to fight to actually gain something and possibly lose stuff also.

Rb amount is not accurate to pvp and on that server ill be able to pvp 3 person, maybe?

Yeah its a draft of an idea just to get the main point across. I dont really want to try to explain specific details about something devs could probably would have no interests in.
The bottom line is we could have a system for pvp with risk/reward and an end game goal which makes the game more competitive.

And you need to consider one factor.


I like and agree with most of these ideas except the new server idea and sandbox like mechanics, and that you have to drop your gears and gold. I’m also fairly new to the game and wish there were other ways that makes you think twice before killing another place for “no reason”.