[PUG] New and growing

[PUG] is now looking for new members to join it’s
group, new or old players are both welcome no rebirths required.

At least 1 rebirth a week into joining.
Help other guild members level and grind.
English speaking or at least enough to understand.
Active weekly.


Interested, completely new player.

Hello, My friend and I would be happy to join your Guild)

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I want to join i am active

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Can I join your group?

Still getting the hang of the game but i don’t mind joining

Whats your in game name

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I’m low level but I’ll do any thing I can to help this guild

Would like to join this guild, if still active.
IGN: Osobae
I usually play in n2. 6rb at the moment.

I’m interested…I just started yesterday and I’m lv 44…liking this old school vibe some cool knowledgable ppl will really help me grow faster

whats your in game name?

new only lvl 32 wizard started today lookin to join.

Hola, yo podría entrar al gremio soy nuevo

Lol you need to say your in game name why no one listening