*POLL* Return of Nightmare Server/Increase on RB Cap

Do YOU have what it takes to challenge the Nightmare server?

Nightmare Server features include:

  • 1.5x Exp
  • 1.5x Drop rate
  • Higher spawn rate of Master Mobs
  • Highest Difficulty of all monsters/bosses


  • Yes, I want Nightmare server to return
  • No, I need my mommy

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Do YOU want a higher rebirth cap to look forward to on your adventure?

Rebirth Cap increase to 30 features:


  • Yes, increase the RB cap to 30
  • No, I don’t need higher stats

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That picture LOL Nightmare server has been missed xd
Rb cap at 30 sounds nice, but how many are even at 25 now?

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They have spent so much time to reach 25rb… cap lvls etc. For me it’s selfish to expand cap lvls now… just becouse him and his guild already reached… they are only thinking about themselves… let the rest reach as well… lol… nightmare sounds good for new challenge… but not necessarily need to Take off rb or Caps Lvl


I am interested on this poll results

Just giving my honest opinion on this.

I’m ok with raising caps and nightmare servers, however, what does this solve? In a year or even less than that, players will start asking for 35rb caps and super-nightmare servers with 1.75x exp.

It’s going towards an endless loop, and after 10 years there will be 10 servers with different difficulties.

Imo, laurum only needs a f***ing end game content, PvP system with leaderboards, need other things to do except grinding 24/7.

Special augments drop, I don’t know, there are so many thing to explore…

And yea Alkanov, I know you have a super busy life! That’s ok, we all understand that, but look at laurum with a future perspective and make your short-term decisions worth the effort.



Hey Alkanov and everyone!
That is just my opiniona and don’t cry over it cuz I am Gaby :).
1# I don’t want nightmare server because we got guild buff.
And that will be abused by actual afkers and pug members that stay 24/7 on n1,n2, hard all servers.That is what I saw and what I think.
Adding a nightmare server will help these old players that just afk nowdays and gain 2k trains in 1 month.
About rebirth…sure why not but I still find it so hard and quests are useless. I am 17 rebirths and It feels so slow with 70%+ exp bonus.
Getting new max rebirth will mean that people will want new cap for train since everyone is trying to get 2k’s.
I am mostly not playing cuz I am weak and I hate to rebirth, I need 25 rebirths to try to kill those afkers that I don’t like but it takes so much.
(Ya that was cry)
But the main thing is 50% exp bonus from nightmare? And 40% exp from pug guild those people will get 2k trains in like 15 days
And Alk,you know joss played 3 years for his stats and some people that afk got better in 2 months :slight_smile: all I am saying is facts.
Some people got 30k hp with new rebirth cap mind to see 50k+
Nothing wrong but game is one shot or full tank.

Edit: nightmare server wont help new players :slight_smile:
Probably if they get 1k str/int and 1k sta they will be able without a decent gear.
Last time when I remember nightmare was really hard xD farmed sometimes with alq there but we died alot & alq big boys too
If you re gonna make nightmare server atleast make a no afk on it and on hard too


Ok so, it is important to know that this poll doesn’t mean that whatever wins will get done right away. I just want to know our player’s opinions on this.


I see all these attacks on Pug but honestly I’m in favor for the majority. I personally don’t see a reason to change endgame currently. Harder mode sure to keep people interested possible just increase in drop rate instead of xp. I think that the bigger issue is retaining new players and adjusting early gameplay to retain these new players.


the funny thing is that everything is PUG or MIA, but don’t see that ANN is Full AFK boot portal! The poll is to vote yes or no, it doesn’t make it a fight like a spoiled son wanting a toy.


There is nothing, what is happening is a persecution of ANN against all guilds that oppose it.

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Good point about the guild buff being spammed on a server like nightmare, but with the gem cost still relatively high and most people spending gold on equips, jewels and building their characters up, the big guilds aren’t popping off the exp buffs as often as one might think.

Afk gameplay definitely needs to go, whether Nightmare and a higher RB cap are implemented or not. No one wants a leecher sucking you dry like a Capri sun for hands-free exp, and high respawn rate on mobs in areas with high mob density are promoting that big time. Changing respawn rate and/or adding an AFK timer would be nice to try to mitigate it again.

Everyone wants end game content because that’s the meat and potatoes of a game like this to actually utilize the stats and gear you worked for, but the changes in this poll are a lot easier to make than waiting for Alk to create new endgame content with a busy schedule.

Not gonna lie, stat distributions are pretty disproportionate, especially in terms of Sta/Def/Mdef and Int/Str. If you calculate end game stats, warrior and paladin will be almost unkillable due to the disproportionate amount of HP and defense you can build up, especially with a hit and run pvp style. Even now most warriors/paladins with high STA can clap your ass cheeks, run away with half HP, and heal back to full health before you see them again. This could be fixed by tweaking the damage formula again but most noobs just go full damage wizard/ranger to fast training right now regardless.

My closest guess is that there’s less than 15 players at 25 rebirths as of now. If you’re part of the majority, which is under 20 Rbs, then how will increasing the cap to 30, 35, etc. really affect you? Rebirth was uncapped before and it was a selling point of the game right before a poll was made to cap RB and casual players wanted a hard stop for those getting close to the current cap. The only difference from before is that there’s actually people capped out now. In a scenario where Nightmare server is back and the cap is raised, the players already on hard server would go occupy nightmare, and if they’re weren’t interacting with you before on hard server, what would change for you now? You could wait months or years after 1.5 to raise caps but the players with more hours put in are naturally going to be stronger with higher stats and better gear.

You guys pushing Ann vs Pug/Mia rivalry need to settle your beef or just accept the fact that having rivals in an open world mmo is a fun and healthy problem to have without badmouthing eachother on every single outlet possible. Yes, I’m biased because I’m at 25 Rbs and there’s not much of a parh forward. I could leave and Ann and join Pug and my opinion on this poll would still be the same, and those voting no will probably never even see me in the game.


THE TRUTH IS… Check how many players has 25 rb… I’m one of them and also… for those whos starting the game won’t be happy to know that they have a long journey to reach 25rb… now 30? No way… thats gonna help a lot old players… but not the new ones. … About nightmare servers… i agreed. Becouse new Players will be also excited to reach high levels to handle last level server…

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I love to make attacks to pug
Because people will never accept it
I accept that crazymofo used alts in ds
But those people cant accept that is unfair
Pug has 100+members, 40% exp bonus
That doesnt seems too fair
Not gonna say the people that afk at portal 24/7
I dont have any pleasure to play this game while im rebirthing, playing 30 mins cuz im bored and other people afk a whole day in ice.
The thing that irritated(if it right) is that i didnt play a while and when i came back everyone I knew was 1.5k+ stats 2k…alot too much coming from afk
Some people that are pug told me they will leave after they get even more stronger…
Tell me, am I that dumb?
Most people are taking advantage from pug guild @madnoob,i have nothing with you or your guildmates, only the ones i know they afk like *****.
That is my last post sorry.
(I dont agree with nightmare server if afk isnt stopped)

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The amount of experience you can gain in the game now is like tenfold of what it used to be, yet the comments here from noobs is them crying about caps they’ll probably never put in the work toward to reach.
You already have the benefit of gaining a ton of exp for way less time than what old players put in countless months/years for.

If you want a game where new players catch up to long time players in a short span of time then go play something more simple like a MOBA.

This game has a single dev. One. Uno. So shitting out new content for new players should be considered a separate work stream entirely rather than comparing it to a change in cap limits values and resurrecting a server that already existed just a few months ago. And that’s in the works right? You can see the updates from the dev on trello for 1.5 and 1.5.1 with loads of new stuff


I agree with kuzoxi.

Raising the rb is only good for older players, for beginners it is discouraging.

What the game really needs is a PVP and GVG system with leaderboards, this is to encourage players to stay in the game.

Regarding the new map, I see no problem, at least it is one more place to get XP.

If the game moves towards a system that has no limits (rb and training) or that increases that limit with time, in my opinion, it is a game that is bound to fail. Because no beginner will want to play a game like this, because he knows he will never reach older players.

If that happens, I sincerely stop playing. It does not make sense to waste my time in a game where I will never reach the limit of my status.


Bit more details about current situation

25 rebirths = 30 players


mira el clan ANN tiene casi el 50% de buffos de exp matar mob y entrenamiento, nivel del clan 100 nose porque tanto te quejas de PUG a caso siguies llorando en todas partes como nadie te acepta buscas levantar falsos

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In my opinion there should be an investigation with the “afk”, these 24h connected robots will ruin any goal in the game
Honest players who really come up playing with their own hands will understand how hard it is to get 25rb, easy for afk 24 hours they just stand still while there’s a robot killing them
I think before which rb increase should the 24h afk portal watch
24h afk players don’t even know how to kill a mob by themselves they got to where they are through robots
This should be a vote for player opinion and not an argument between Ann and Pug


cuando volveran activar las tablas de ranked o clasificadora

deben poner un control sobre uso de macros en el juego un mejor sistema anti afk en el juego, sobre la rivalidad de los clanes hay gente que solo esta ardida y tira basura solo para ofender.