Please fix this lvl bug

I come again to show my concern about the unlimited up. Today I saw a player on lvl 1388. If this way of upgrading remains, rb or training (which are characteristics of this game) will become unnecessary. After all, leveling 150+ is much faster than giving 25 rb and training some status. If a player reaches lvl 2000 he overcomes damage and hp a player with 25rbs and training cap in STA and STR / INT.

I ask, Alkanov, please, to correct this bug, placing the lvl 150 as maximum, so that you do not throw in the trash the effort of players who spent a lot of time giving rb and training, since they will soon be overcome by these players.

And don’t say that you only need level up 150+ after you give 25rbs and train because it’s not the same. Level up with 0rb is much faster, someone with 25 rbs takes a long time to go from lvl 100 to 101, imagine leveling up from lvl 150.

You can reset these accounts until lvl 150, or after that lvl the character does not earn more points (LP), or does not earn Exp.



It will be corrected






That was the best post I’ve seen in the last few days :heart_eyes:

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I bursted out laughing at this :joy:

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Eso va a estar genial :heart:

Level & Rebirth Caps

  • Level cap is now 150 for players with less than 30 rebirths
  • If you are rebirth 30 you can level up to 300 which will be the new cap