Player insulting me while I am farming obs

I was on n1 on observers spot and killing obs while a player named Dacuki was afk.
After a while he sent me on private message this … (screenshot).

that guy insulted me aswel up in obs for no reason, i was chilling farming and he started saying sh!t like “nice farming bot bitch”… i just ignored the guy cuz nowadays internet is full of crazy kids but yeah

Your ign? Your nickname?

Im not afk, u cant read? I was trying suicide becoz out of laurum scroll and my bag is full and i wanna use last death position scroll after that. And then u come to my farming spot and ks (kill steal) my mobs. Wtf man? So, if you come ruin other people farming spot and got shit talkin from that, its my fault? U must ready got shit talking kid, Wake up kiddo.

You, i remember you ign Zaarco right? ! I have the screen record you afk farming using auto atack and skill, thats why im talkint shit. And now playing victim bruh? Uhh people nowdays. Ill upload your video!

yeah that’s me, thank u for making me famous. anyway, im kinda curious about people caring so much about others using bot/macro/autoclick or however u wanna call it, is it because i can play with no hands? because i, sorry to tell u, am not using anything but a screen touch record-and-play app from google play, and even tho im not using my hands to play manually, im watching my phone 98% of the time, the othe 2% i got caught “cheating” i sadly fell asleep because well… im human, and again, sadly for u, insulting, being disrespectful to others, is against rules, unlike the use of a screentouch recorder app, at least that’s what rules on in game chat says, and if u still think its a clear advantage among users, i’d like to ask u about high rb ppl using boss pets which, if ur not concerned about, they attack nearby enemy with multiple random skills aswel as buffing owner with no need for u to make a move, a clear example of this is brazilean player GaloBr, who’s always auto farming inside fire cave with boss pet, and guess what, no users has ever reported this, because is a game feature, but have u ever think about doing that with a boss pet? do u think is the same or even worse? because its totally there : ) it may not be easy to get for most players under 30 rb which for me is way more unfair than using couple skills until death for no mp… anyway. i would really like to know ur answer on that, and administrations thoughts aswel.