Patreon Tiers (SUGGESTION)

Hi everyone.

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As we all know, Alkanov is working on the developments as fast as he can, but not as fast as we wish so it’s time to help.

“How should I help?” -> easy peasy! you are helping already when buying gems, when reporting bad ingame behaviours and, when giving inputs etc. I believe this is already a huge kind of help. However, Alkanov have something called “Patreon”. For those who don’t know what the heck is this, simply click on the link below to find out. In a short way, it is something where you get bounded to the game paying a monthly amount of $$ and get rewarded with jewels, titles etc, everything without compromise the NON P2W (pay to win) condition.

At the present we have 3 options of patreons:

1- 5$/month (reward is discord title)

2- 15$/month (reward is discord title and gems)

3- 50$/month (reward is discord title, gems and in-game title)

(sorry if I forgot anything, but it serves for the topic purpose)

And now, it begins. In my humble opinion I think this is kinda unfair, not everyone have the financial capabilities to pay 15$/month and others just feel like it’s also unfair because there are any ingame rewards in the smallest amount patreon.

“The less is more”. My suggestion would be to have some more patreons, more quantities, and all rewardable the same way with different amounts. Lets see my draft:

1- 3$/month (reward would be discord title1 + 120 gems)

1- 5$/month (reward would be discord title2 + 300 gems)

2- 15$/month (reward would be discord title3 + 1500 gems)

3- 25$/month (reward would be discord title4 + 2400 gems + in-game title)

4- 50$/month (reward would be discord title5 + 4300 gems + in-game title + exclusive discord channel for inputs of game development)

Each title has a number. It was supposed to add the patreon package name as discord title.


Alkanov, please take a look at this and provide your feedback as well!


Looks pretty good man. Im sure there are more ways to revamp patreon. let me get the man himself in here.

@Alkanov Give this a glance once you’re able.

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Yea that’s why we need all inputs possible. Brainstorming is life haha

Pet skins would be also amazing

Thanks for your support @kuzoxi

The main problem with this is that gems are added manually if we were to have 100 patrons I would need maybe 2-3 days to fulfill these on a monthly basis for 300$ (at the cheapest tier from your example). On top of these, we have seen that people become a patron for a month, grab the title and cancel their subscription, this is why we only give titles to the most expensive tier.

Said this I honestly dislike Patron, it’s slow, doesn’t match our target demographic and it requires manual work for it to be updated. I think the best option would be to add your examples to the actual game as a in-game subscription where everything would be automated and that way we can add more stuff like inventory spaces and titles.


Alk, I truly understand your concerns. But firstly if someone became patreon, he won’t mind of you take 3-4-5 or even a week to issue gems. Timing aren’t the big deal here.

Secondly, yea I understand that people cancel subscription. Maybe you should give that task to one of the admins as this requires some more time which you don’t have…

Honestly, I think you’ll be way more succeed if you spend some time revamping patreons. It’s better 100 players giving 3$/month than 7 players giving an average of 15$/month.

It’s all about getting people attention.

Regards :slight_smile: < Automotive would not be so much a problem. >

You can set up an HTML system so that someone on the team can check and schedule the deposit of gems in their account would be basically easy, and you would only have to “approve” the person receiving the gems.

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You can also set as a rule that you have the Patreon Title only while paying monthly.

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