Paladin skills "linked hearts" & "divine punishment"

Hey there,
i played the paladin class a lot and tried to use all skills in maybe any possible situation. I really enjoy the class, but i noticed also things, which could be fixed or changed.

Linked Hearts: The skill in theory is good, in practice not. There are just very limited cases, where this skill would make sense: In Bossfights and in PvP. (For farming and few other cases other skills bring as more benefits)
Sadly this skill isnt working in bossfights or PvP and i noticed, that no damage is transfered… so maybe its bugged. Also with thinking about, when it would transfer damage, its more a suicid skill currently… So it would make more sense to change it like a life link. Combine the lifepool of all players as long as the duration of that skill is working for all, who got this buff and half the duration optional. So it should work great for everyone to reduce deadly spiked and also its much less deadly for the paladin itself to use it. :see_no_evil:

Divine Punishment: The idea is good to increase damage by giving a debuff to all enemies in short range to the Paladin. For farming common monster or support other player in cases like that, its simply to expensive, slow and other skills give more benefits. At the end this skill is also just a thing for bossfights and PvP. Obviously i tested it and noticed, that in bossfights it increase the damage of all player in a good way, but in result the damage spikes were near allways deadly. I need to say its mostly tested in Dohats, Zhixhe and Utuxls Lair (all hard), because in normal there isnt a reason to use it.
In PvP the short range was pointless…
I would like to see a change of this skill:
A range single target little damage skill, what reduces the physical defence and magical defense like -25% just for 2,5 sec and also half the cooldown.
With that it would be useful in the most important cases (Bossfights and PvP). It creates less long these damage spikes and also deadly reflect spikes, can better better timed, still would be support and would give Paladin an PvP option to be used offensive too.

Ty for attention :sunglasses::v:

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I would add something, whats strange or maybe not intended in paladin skills (i explained this via official discord server, but never got a response or something):
Final judgement allows to move, when set ‘tap to walk’ instead of ‘D-Pad’ or ‘Yoystick’… further if you start autoattack on target before, the skill wouldnt abort this. In bossfights and PvP against a reflect damage build, this allow free damage without taking reflect damage as long as the target dont move 1 time out of range…
If this is intended, its fine, but else it could fixed.

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